Top IP Resources for the inhouse IP team

Brilliant question from Rachel Lamkin over at @Amusant42 (twitter) and the Geek Trifecta (blog):

“Does anyone know of advanced resources for #IP strategy for #startups and solo #inventors? Advanced only pls.”

When I asked, she clarified with:

@IPThinkTank online forums for internal counsel, licensing and other IP strategy, common law/ unreg trademark law, advanced copyright law.

Here’s my brief response bashed out in 1 minute – with typos (shows what was top of mind), please add your thoughts or over at Rachels blog:

Hi Rachel

Further to your Twitter request:

– online forums for internal counsel –,,, linkedin (there are a numebr of in-house specific groups), also see Mike Dillon’s blog, the legal thing)

– licensing and other IP strategy – can you be more specific (sorry) – also see resources above and perhaps check out our site if useful

– common law/ unregistered trademark law, – which countries are you particularly interested in?

– advanced copyright law – which countries, and what in particular – online copyright?

Please do follow Rachel on twitter and check out her blog.

5 Comments on “Top IP Resources for the inhouse IP team

  1. I would like to add IPQuester ( where you will find complete information about how to register, renew, handle, monitor, manage and solve the most common issues of patent, utility model, trademark, industrial model and design applications in over 235 countries and territories. It condenses all the international, regional and domestic law applying for each country, together with administrative rules and procedures. You may obtain a 15-day free full access subscription at

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