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Brilliant question from Rachel Lamkin over at @Amusant42 (twitter) and the Geek Trifecta (blog):

“Does anyone know of advanced resources for #IP strategy for #startups and solo #inventors? Advanced only pls.”

When I asked, she clarified with:

@IPThinkTank online forums for internal counsel, licensing and other IP strategy, common law/ unreg trademark law, advanced copyright law.

Here’s my brief response bashed out in 1 minute – with typos (shows what was top of mind), please add your thoughts or over at Rachels blog:

Hi Rachel

Further to your Twitter request:

– online forums for internal counsel –,,, linkedin (there are a numebr of in-house specific groups), also see Mike Dillon’s blog, the legal thing)

– licensing and other IP strategy – can you be more specific (sorry) – also see resources above and perhaps check out our site if useful

– common law/ unregistered trademark law, – which countries are you particularly interested in?

– advanced copyright law – which countries, and what in particular – online copyright?

Please do follow Rachel on twitter and check out her blog.

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