Pursue excellence in your approach to IP

Pursue excellence in your IP approach

IP Strategy is ideally dynamic – adapting to the specific needs of your company over time, across geographies, products or markets. We regularly work with clients to pre-empt market dynamics and be ahead of the game from an IP point of view.

Increasing the overall effectiveness of the organization in its approach to IP Strategy is a big part of this area of our work.  We look to help you educate the company as a whole in how to think about IP strategy and its commercial implications.  We can help you ensure that you are operating at world’s best practice for example, assisting with:

  • Our insightful IP Strategy War Games
  • Our popular IP PLAYBOOK™
  • Strategic IP Reviews designed to build specific, prioritized, action plans.
  • Education programs to develop knowledge & skills.
  • IP strategy workshops to address specific challenges and opportunities.
  • Acting as a sounding board or  ‘coach on call’ for particular departments or people.
  • Transferring IP Strategy skills into your organization – see in particular our IP Strategy Training workshops.
  • Integrating IP Strategy thinking and systems into the everyday running of the organization.
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