IP Wargames

Understand your true place in the market.

Build your IP position.

Future-proof your IP Strategy

Wargame with us

We have many years of experience running War Games and Decision Games of one form or another. 

Our unique approach to war games and our complete guarantee ensure that we meet and surpass expectations.

We use proprietary tools, including our well-known IP Playbook, naturalistic decision making approaches, strategy card decks, thinking and innovation tools

We are trusted advisors on IP Strategy to leading companies across the world

What is an IP War Game / Decision Game?

  • An exercise used to reduce ambiguity in a proposed course of action, or to prepare for ambiguous ‘crisis’ situations by building the capability of your team.
  • It simulates the interplay between you and selected competitors, partners, regulators and customers in order to test your assumptions and identify unknowns.
  • It seeks to illuminate opportunities and threats so that you can anticipate and address them in advance.

Why a game?

  • Any action you take may cause reactions from competitors, partners and/or customers
  • Many of these actions are both difficult to anticipate and may impede your plans
  • War games eliminate biases toward expected results by having others put those expectations to a test

Preparing and running the war game or decision game

  • Pre game interviews and data collection.
  • Pre game briefing to participants.
  • Multiple rounds of strategic moves by each team followed up strategy enhancements.
  • Post game after action review and data collection.
  • Post game planning.


  • By participating in an IP War Game, you will have tested a specific plan in a thorough, unbiased fashion
  • Groups from across the organization will have worked together to either confirm the suitability of the current plan or develop a more robust plan
  • Any modifications will include actionable steps for execution

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