Think IP Strategy's IP Strategy Playbook

Better Decisions



Based on decades of experience, we designed the IP PLAYBOOK™ to help IP professionals make winning decisions faster.

It presents strategic options for how to handle IP opportunities and threats so that you can move rapidly and confidently from what you would like to do into making it happen.

The core principles of strategy, just like the notes that comprise a musical piece, are universal and defined. Most strategists, however, depend upon their ability to recall these strategic principles every time they plan which takes valuable time and risks that their recall, especially during a crisis, will be incomplete.

The IP PLAYBOOK™ provides the core principles of IP strategy so that you can spend less creative energy reinventing them and more on refining their application for your business.

Strategic Planning Process

The strategic planning process is comprised of three steps:

• Strategy – What to do
• Planning – How to do it
• Process – Tool to streamline actions and reduce risk

The core of thinking and acting strategically is to first set a direction that makes sense – your strategy – and then make all due efforts to drive out the risks that might prevent you from succeeding. Planning involves deciding what actions to take to move in the right direction i.e. how you will remove unnecessary risk, and how you will measure success.

All of these steps require creativity. A way to leverage limited creative resources when addressing a given challenge is to leverage past creative thinking that has already been done and then focus new thinking on the unique aspects of the challenge and on those risks that you must still bear. Doing so is no different in principle than how a musician will use existing musical scales defined centuries ago to create new pieces rather than reinventing those scales every time.

Organizing Flexibility

A key problem with strategic planning is that most plans do not survive first contact with adversity. This is why setting a good direction for what you want to do and building the conditions that foster success is usually more important than step-by-step plans.

The IP PLAYBOOK™  actually reinforces the agility of thought needed to arrive at an intended goal even if you must follow a path different from the path originally envisioned. Adversity can be challenging enough to address without the need to recall all your options while in the heart of a crisis.


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