Intellectual property Consensus

The world of intellectual property is not always in sync with the rest of the world, or in fact with itself.  Here are three points from Ruud Peters at the CIP Forum held recently in Gothenburg, Sweden:

1 – There seems to be consensus in the IP Community (but not always elsewhere) that IP is good and drives innovation;

2 – There is no consensus on the role and value of non practicing entities;

3 – There is little consensus (and perhaps not enough understanding) about how to effectively communicate the value of IP in real world practical business terms.

What do you think?


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4 Comments on “Intellectual property Consensus

  1. I believe that the companies due to the economic crisis are already
    making attempts to understand the intellectual property in detail. There is still no clear concept of strategic positioning of IP management in the activities of companies.Vensti StoilovSofia, Bulgaria

  2. Duncan – while it is interesting that the IP community agrees that IP is good for innovation, it is somewhat irrelevant.  Until the markets and stakeholders see the link between IP, innovation and cashflow, this issue will remain only in the Ip community.  A second question then arises, “how much of a link does there need to be between IP, innovation and cashflow?”  Is 10% enough or do the analysts want to see a 50%? Once we know this, then figuring out how best to communicate that information is easy.

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