Don't forget a regular review of, well, everything important

Don’t be caught napping.  Review your intellectual property arrangements regularly.  In fact, repeat your Strategic Review at sensible intervals and measure the improvements since your last one.

In a recent podcast with Jeremy Phillips and Darren Olivier we discussed the recent UK Court case concerning The Stig and whether the BBC had the right (legal, equitable or otherwise) to stop the man behind this character from unveiling his identity.

The remedies in this situation are nothing if not murky.  However, they do clearly illustrate a very important point.

It is vitally important that you review arrangements periodically to see whether there are any changes you should be making to them.  In this case, one wonders why a suitable (enforceable) written agreement was not in place to cover this from the BBC’s perspective.

However, it doesn’t take long to realise that things change dramatically over time.  Everyone has seen this happen at their place of work.

Part of the solution is to diarise a future date at which you will review the arrangements and then adjust as necessary.

What are your thoughts?  Have you seen this in practice?

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