Online Global Week in Review 24 September 2010 from IP Think Tank

Here is Think IP Strategy’s weekly selection of top Online intellectual property news breaking in the blogosphere and internet.

Highlights this week included:

Bill would give Justice Department power to shutter piracy sites worldwide (ArsTechnica) (Public Knowledge) (TorrentFreak) (Electronic Frontier Foundation) (TorrentFreak) (Technollama)


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Global – General

Campaign aims to take back consumer rights over IP-protected products (IP Watch)


Global – Copyright

4chan tries to change life ‘OUTSIDE the basement’ via DDoS attacks (ArsTechnica) (TorrentFreak) (TorrentFreak) (TorrentFreak)

When an iPhone App infringes copyright (IPblog)

European Committee for Interoperable Systems on ACTA (Michael Geist)

High copyright transaction costs cause ‘friction’, Google Economist tells WIPO (IP Watch)

Copyright 2.0 show – 9th Circuit upholds EULAs, Microsoft works with Russian NGOs to prevent raids, Switzerland rules IPS private data, etc (Plagiarism Today)

Campaign aims to take back consumer rights over IP-protected products (Intellectual Property Watch)

If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em! – monetising infringement (1709 Blog)


Global – Trade Marks & Domain Names

WIPO Administrative Panel orders transfer of to Facebook Inc (Class 46)

You want to complain? Just try finding where you can do so… Google AdWords (IPKat)

Generic top-level domains (gTLDs) – survey (IP tango)



Free software activist in conference demonstration – of ignorance (Patentology)



BSA’s latest study on piracy and economic benefits ‘shockingly misleading’ (Michael Geist)

The Canadian music industry on C-32: A house divided (Michael Geist)

How Canada’s new copyright law threatens to make culture criminals of us all (Michael Geist)

Bill C-32: My perspective on the key issues (Michael Geist)

CRIA President: C-32’s statutory damages reform a licence to steal (Michael Geist)

Access Copyright launches C-32 advocacy site (Michael Geist)



Domain .CO reaches 500 thousand registrations (IP tango)



The significance of the huge European Warez scene raids (TorrentFreak)

European Parliament votes on controversial anti-piracy Gallo Report (TorrentFreak) (ArsTechnica)



France starts reporting ‘millions’ of file-sharers (TorrentFreak)



Bollywood piracy: Fighting technology with technology (Spicy IP)



Court of The Hague invalidates High Point’s patent for ‘wireless access telephone-to-telephone network interface architecture’ on basis of added matter: High Point v. KPN (EPLAW)  



Movie rental outfit calls for nationwide Pirate Bay block (TorrentFreak)



Somali domains up for grabs (Afro-IP)



Filmmaker premieres movie in theaters and on The Pirate Bay (TorrentFreak)


United Kingdom

Senior Judge warns of end to file-sharing cash demands (TorrentFreak)

Prison sentence for camming – a UK first (Innovationpartners) (1709 Blog)


United States

US Patents – Decisions

Patent Office agrees with EFF’s arguments on C2 VoIP patent – preliminary finding of invalidity based on obviousness (Electronic Frontier Foundation)


US Patents – Lawsuits and strategic steps

Apple – Apple’s MagSafe lawsuit tests limits of first-sale doctrine (ArsTechnica)

Google – Skyhook: Google made OEMs break business deals, infringed patents (ArsTechnica)

Konami – Settlement reached in Konami v. Harmonix patent dispute (Patent Arcade)

LG – ALJ Gildea issues initial determination in certain video displays (337-TA-687) (ITC Law Blog)

Toshiba – ALJ Rogers denies respondents’ motions for reconsideration in Certain Notebook Computer Products (337-TA-705) (ITC Law Blog)


US Copyright

Bill would give Justice Department power to shutter piracy sites worldwide (ArsTechnica) (Public Knowledge) (TorrentFreak) (Electronic Frontier Foundation) (TorrentFreak) (Technollama)

Copygrounds interviews Tenenbaum (1709 Blog)


US Copyright – Decisions

9th Circuit: Licensee of off-the-shelf software may not resell used copies of the software: Vernor v Autodesk (IP Spotlight) (Technology & Marketing Law Blog)


US Copyright – Lawsuits and strategic steps

Harper, Whitney – Supreme Court could take its first RIAA file-sharing case (ArsTechnica)

US Copyright Group – P2P defendants demand legal fees from ‘Far Cry’ filmmaker (ArsTechnica)

US Copyright Group – P2P defendants told they can’t remain anonymous in court (ArsTechnica)


US Trade Marks & Domain Names – Decisions

Alleged confusion over mark not enough to prevail in Google keyword case: Jurin v Google (Seattle Trademark Lawyer)

Domain name owner gets swift relief against imposter website: Starcom Mediavest Group v. (Internet Cases)

Test your TTAB judge-ability: Are these two design marks for software confusingly similar?: In re Qliktech International AB (TTABlog)

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