Will sense prevail? – Scarlet's Belgian appeal

Scarlet Belgie Holding BV, a Belgian ISP has announced that it will appeal the 29 June ruling of the Brussels Court of
First Instance which took the unusual step of ordering that it install content filtering software to ensure that its users do not infringe copyright.  See my earlier post – “ISPs beware in Belgium – court ordered ISP to install filtering software

The implications of this case extend well beyond Belgium’s smallest internet service provider and, as IPKat has said, this is one that we want to see decided in court, not settled.  

Clearly Scarlet agree – in a recent Bloomberg article, Scarlett’s managing director said:

“Scarlet is today going to war to defend the rights of
Belgian Internet users,…” 

I wonder whether a few larger ISPs may contribute to the war chest?

One Comment on “Will sense prevail? – Scarlet's Belgian appeal

  1. A reader of this blog wrote to me to say:”Have a look
    at the article in this week’s Economist: “Belgium: Time To Call it a Day. 
    Sometimes it is right for a country to recognise that its job is done”. 
    Basically recommends the dissolution of Belgium!!”I can well imagine that a number of ISPs wouldn’t be too displeased.  But a little drastic, I should think.

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