Why no one is reading this post

Sometimes its what you don’t do that is most important.

But you have to think and choose.  You still have to think.

What are you not doing about intellectual property that you didn’t think about first?  How can you tell?

Companies in the online space often say that IP is irrelevant to them because things move so fast.  So there’s no need to think about IP.  I guess that’s why google is expected to file nearly 800 patents next year.

I really don’t mind at all with you decide to protect the intellectual property you create.  I don’t mind whether, having protected it you decide to share it freely or keep it completely to yourself.  I don’t even mind if you don’t think about it at all.  Let’s just see whether you end up regretting that last one, though.

So for those who are reading this today – no one reads IP Blogs on their holidays – for some holiday fun, prove me wrong by posting a comment today and we’ll highlight your company or firm in one of our first posts of 2010.

(photo credit: Blake Allen)


7 Comments on “Why no one is reading this post

  1. What else are holidays for, if not for catching up on reading blogs and all the other stuff you want to do but often don’t have time for?  Besides, people with small children or young dogs don’t really have the full holiday experience anyway …

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