Which wall is your ladder on?

Some say that the journey towards success is like climbing a ladder.  Others have said that the problem is that many seem to have their ladder up against the wrong wall.  I’d go further to say that some seem to be unaware that they are supposed to be heading towards something at the top of the ladder, or even that the wall is there at all.

Strategy is about getting from Here to There the most effective way you can.  Period.

Do you really know where there is?  What are the goals for this product / company / business unit?  How do you know they are the goals?  (Go check.)

The first part is to very clearly define where ‘there’ is – what’s at the top of that ladder?

Then you can figure out how to get there effectively.


Image credit:Robert Couse-Baker

3 Comments on “Which wall is your ladder on?

  1. I fully agree with your opinion.
    If you do not know where you want to go, you can not know which way to go.
    When we talk about intellectual property  that rule is even more important.
    This is because intellectual property is intangible asset that have his own characteristics and peculiarities. They are not always so easy for forecasting and planning.

    Have a nice day

    Ventsi Stoilov

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