Where to now in the age of intangibles? – IP Think Tank podcast 16 Jul 2009

Welcome to the IP Think Tank Podcast for Thursday 16th July 2009.  In this week’s call, regular panellists Jeremy Phillips and Duncan Bucknell are joined by Suzanne Harrison, Sharon Oriel and Ron Laurie to discuss:

  • The story behind the Gathering and the new media version – gathering 2.0;
  • Today’s single most important practical issue in the world of intangibles;
  • The cyclical nature of the debates around intellectual property and intangibles;  and
  • Some ideas around educating the business world about IP.

We hope you enjoy this week’s show, and as always, we look forward to your comments and feedback.




Sharon Oriel – http://www.gathering2.com

Suzanne Harrison – http://www.gathering2.com

Ron Laurie – http://www.ip-strategy.com

Jeremy Phillips – http://www.jeremyphillips.euhttp://www.ipkitten.blogspot.com/

2 Comments on “Where to now in the age of intangibles? – IP Think Tank podcast 16 Jul 2009

  1. Hi Duncan
    A good debate. Ron made lots of sense as ever.
    My no1 theme for the IP community is to find a common language. That, to me, is the start point. We all have our pet terms. But we need one common set of terminology.
    You realise on every article, every blog, every podcast just how confused we all sound. Watch for the blog post. If I were an outsider I wonder if I’d thnk we were all even talking about the same thing.

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