Using IP strategically to help build businesses

Choosing the right business model for a particular product is essential and in the current business environment IP plays a crucial role in supporting and securing the applicability of this business model. Many businesses make the mistake of overlooking the importance of developing IP to protect their innovation before introducing it to the market.

The most effective IP Strategy for a given product solution starts in the very early stages of its development, influences the design of the chosen business model and the product development path, and evolves as the product moves from concept to completion and out into local and international markets.

Why stop at just creating or acquiring the IP when you can leverage its full potential and realize its maximum value? What are the IP pitfalls to avoid in a highly competitive environment today that can prevent an otherwise sound business from reaching its goals? How do you develop a superior IP Strategy?

All these questions will be answered in the IP Strategy Workshop on November 21 from 8:30 am to 4:30pm offered by BioMalaysia in collaboration with Think IP Strategy. We invite you to get involved in the roundtable discussions, interactive case studies, and talks by our international IP experts Duncan Bucknell and Lee Caffin.

For further information on the IP Strategy Workshop and the registration form, please see here.

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  1. Here is a related article on Intellectual Property for Business :

    Some economists estimate that 75% of a scalable company’s value is
    based on its intellectual property.  Without legal protection, the
    company’s public IP could be freely used — even by competitors.
     Obviously, investors care about the scope and quality of a company’s IP
    protection before they invest.

    In my experience as an IP attorney, however, few entrepreneurs really
    understand the value of IP.  Even fewer know how to use IP law
    strategically to protect the company’s IP assets and create barriers to
    competition.  Worse yet, many entrepreneurs make serious mistakes that
    can cost the company everything!  I’ve spent years doing legal clean up
    and fighting bet-the-company cases in court.  Many of the issues that
    I’ve litigated could have been avoided.  Seeing millions of dollars
    wasted on litigation, motivated me to help entrepreneurs and start this


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