Twitter patent strategy, China innovation and trolls

Welcome to the IP Think Tank podcast for Thursday 4 November 2010. In this show Duncan is joined by Kim Chotkowski, Stan Abrams and Robert Cantrell to discuss:

  • China innovation and indigenous innovation
  • Correlating innovation and patent filings in China
  • Reverse guest host strategy
  • US election and impact on patent reform
  • Chinese patent trolls (cockroaches); and
  • Twitter’s patent strategy

We hope you enjoy this week’s show, and as always, we look forward to your comments and feedback.



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5 Comments on “Twitter patent strategy, China innovation and trolls

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  2. China has indeed made strides, but competitiveness as a global leader in innovation will hinge as much on patent quality as on rate of patent issuance. Until the country manages to effectively address certain cultural, sociological, and other systemic issues, China’s high patent volume alone will not serve as an accurate indicator of innovative activity or capability.

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