Speaking engagements – London Solo IP Practitioners' Group – 14 Feb 08

The Solo IP Practitioner’s Group in London has kindly asked me to speak on 14 February 2008.

I’ll discuss some recent trends in IP strategy across the globe and what to
watch in 2008. I’ve also been asked to give an insight into how the sole
practitioner can promote a practice offering strategic advice to top of
the range clients.

Thanks to Barbara Cookson who suggested the event and Jeremy Philips of IPKat fame who has kindly publicised it. (5pm at the Hall of the Chartered
Institute of Patent Attorneys at 95 Chancery Lane, London WC2A 1DT.)

All are welcome (solo practitioners and otherwise), so come along if you can – I would be delighted to meet more of the UK-based readers of this blog.

One Comment on “Speaking engagements – London Solo IP Practitioners' Group – 14 Feb 08

  1. Dear Duncan
    Would you be interested in proposing that the “Solo IP Practitioner’s Group” extends itself from  London to include solo practitioners in Australia?  Perhaps via an internet setup or an exchange means? 
    I am looking for small practices in the UK (& elsewhere) for National phase entries into Europe.  I would also like to have a “Solo IP Practitioner’s Group” to exchange practice issues, thoughts etcetera. Of course the duncanbucknell.com blog could be the right forum : )
    P.S. Can you recommend a list of foreign associates via an IP Scorecard 🙂

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