Release the tweets – IPBC09 and beyond

A few people asked about my tweets from the IP Business Congress back in June in Chicago.  Here they are, unedited, a nice blow by blow account of what I was watching.  (There’s a few others thrown in here for good measure.) 

Let me know what you think. 

Don’t be fooled by the 140 characters – there is quite a lot to digest in all of this.  (Note for those trying to follow in Twitter – @DuncanBucknell has changed to @IPThinkTank.)

CIP Forum in Sweden is coming up in early September – it promises to be an incredible few days. I’ll be presenting on IP Management and tweeting in between times.

DuncanBucknell can we leave the baggage of the industrial economy behind and instead focus on the benefits of IP in the knowledge economy? #IPBC

DuncanBucknell what processes are you putting in place to get the ROI you should demand for your IP investment? #IPBC

DuncanBucknell LESI’s 1 day licensing course sounds like a great idea – #IPBC

DuncanBucknell the relationship between Strategy and Process – combine the 6 sigma blackbelt with IP Strategy – #IPBC

DuncanBucknell Need to further away from allowing IP to managed by legal & as a cost to by business and as a profit centre – #IPBC

DuncanBucknell HP built a separate IP Strategy grp with diverse skillsets (but not legal) – they report into business and work closely with legal #IPBC

DuncanBucknell B4 IP protected the business, now IP is the business – but who will manage these – IP people or Bus people – #IPBC

DuncanBucknell & choosing those to speak @ RT @thinkfireip: #ipbc meta observatin: speaking at conferences can be part of the communication strategy for ip

DuncanBucknell AST (defensive patent aggregator) type of strategy is not about being a long term player – more about short term freedom to operate #IPBC

thinkfireip #ipbc bill Barrett of liquid logic: you must convey value through a story

DuncanBucknell IP Strategy plays a bigger role in smaller businesses – #IPBC – not sure I agree…

DuncanBucknell Chicken or egg – IP strategy first or business strategy first – #IPBC – has to be iterative – each informing the other

DuncanBucknell how can ‘IP bubble’ ask for more prominence if can’t get this right – RT @thinkfireip: #ipbc 2/3rds of deals have title issues initially

DuncanBucknell Flexibility in deploying different approaches over time and across aspects of your business re IP – #IPBC

DuncanBucknell The term ‘strategy’ is definitely overused in the context of IP – #IPBC

DuncanBucknell do knowledge based businesses need a portfolio of strategies applicable to each area of business? #IPBC

DuncanBucknell understanding which technologies you need to control to achieve your goals is key skill in knowledge economy #IPBC – applies 2 open innov 2

DuncanBucknell So why buy at all? RT @DuncanBucknell: Defensive patent aggregators will take a license if necess isntead of purchase – #IPBC

DuncanBucknell Acacia model – later you leave it in neg & lit the higher price they ask – how doe this relate to damages calculations – #IPBC

DuncanBucknell Is it only after being rebuffed that an inventor will go to an NPE such as ACP or Acacia? Don’t they also look for IP? #IPBC

DuncanBucknell Freedom to operate analysis – some industries v complicated, sure but simply ignoring the issue is fraught #IPBC

DuncanBucknell Freedom to operate – steering clear sounds like a v bad idea – wilfullness spectre alone is not sufficient – need to do at least some #IPBC

DuncanBucknell Freedom to operate / freedom of action – are large companies not clearing sufficiently? – #IPBC is this a factor in rise of NPE?

JackDTodd Acacia: no one wants to enforce "weak" patents; no one signs up with an aggregator unless there is actual liability. #IPBC

JackDTodd Defensive patent aggregators ought to engage offensive NPEs to pursue the companies (potential clients) who have not signed up. #IPBC

DuncanBucknell Why don’t defensive patent aggregators withdrawing these patents to stop maintenance fees? Bc they want to try recover some $ – #IPBC

DuncanBucknell Is dis-aggregated R&D together w low willingness of larger companies to license driving NPE phenomenon & impact of open innovation? – #IPBC

DuncanBucknell non practiced patents from entities who are making other products – an interesting corollary to NPE issue – #IPBC

DuncanBucknell RPX – past activities of pat owner is impt part of assessing whether to buy – does this incent NPEs to sue 1st so can sell later – #IPBC?

DuncanBucknell defensive patent aggregators – maybe it’s ok to focus on US – NPEs aren’t as much of a problem elsewhere – #IPBC

DuncanBucknell defensive patent aggregating companies – are they really thinking about global patent portfolios as well or just US? #IPBC

DuncanBucknell Subscriptn services like RPX and AST – if you subscribe for 1 year do you get all prev licences, and do they continue after that year? #IPBC

DuncanBucknell If RPX sell patents – will protect members with perpetual licence – #IPBC – this won’t be an effective assignment in many countries, guys

DuncanBucknell RPX takes patents off the market for benefit of members (don’t assert them) – so also benefiting others – #IPBC

DuncanBucknell Esp. if around IP reputatn RT @tuyettran: What about discussn of brands & IP that includes how social networking affect reputatn at #IPBC?

JackDTodd IP Practioners have allowed IP to become "commoditized." If a commodity, then it must not be valuable. That is the problem. #IPBC

DuncanBucknell It’s a great point that people still seem to talk only about patents and trademarks when discussing IP – v narrow – #IPBC

DuncanBucknell Is the new media currently saturated with the point of view that IP is bad? Certainly in online world that must be right. #IPBC

DuncanBucknell Sure – v different models, regulation, etc – RT @DuncanBucknell: Are the IP issues completely different in green tech vs pharma? – #IPBC

DuncanBucknell Brand IP working group – a v useful initiative – get in touch with Caroline Kamerbeek at Philips to join – #IPBC

DuncanBucknell How does the IP industry, with its varied interests etc. get better at coordinating on key issues (eg. software patents) – #IPBC

DuncanBucknell Distinctiveness – anti IP movement uses emotive messaging – which works – #IPBC

thinkfireip #ipbc kamerbeek "stop the legal talk" be open about deals link to innovators, opportunities created.

thinkfireip RT @DuncanBucknell: Has Rembrandts in the Attic done more damage than anything else to the IP function – CEOs all want a Rembrandt – #IPBC

DuncanBucknell Most messages in mainstream media about IP are about fights and litigation – #IPBC

DuncanBucknell Microsoft regularly reporting metrics to Seniro Execs on patent quality, quantity, costs (inc. perception of quality externally) – #IPBC

DuncanBucknell Fearlessness as a critical requirement for CIPOs – comment on Sunday was build the parapet then stand on it, not just head above it – #IPBC

DuncanBucknell Role of lobbying and communications as part of the IP function? – #IPBC

DuncanBucknell Pt about call otions is that there isn’t on;y one ‘event’ in IP – value goes up w each event – file, issue, enforce, licence, etc – #IPBC

DuncanBucknell Call option approach to valuing IP – sure but only as analogy to make the pt that value is uncertain now and will crystalise later – #IPBC

DuncanBucknell As in many situations, demonstrating IP value is easiest done in hindsight and v hard to do propsectively – #IPBC

DuncanBucknell Is internal or external communication more difficult for the IP function? Doesn’t this depend on stage / sophstication of the entity? #IPBC

DuncanBucknell Not sure that I agree that you can’t over communicate an IP metric you’ve picked – you have to pick a good one 1st – #IPBC

DuncanBucknell Tying IP value to margins – ie what premium do we get bc we have this IP for this product – #IPBC – sounds easy huh? it’s not.

DuncanBucknell Keep reassessing and iterating your IP valuation model – this is to prove value to internal stakeholders so they get it – #IPBC

DuncanBucknell Creatie your own metrics internally if you need to measure value delivered by IP organisation #IPBC

DuncanBucknell Shouldn’t companies be sharing their internal IP valuation models – even within industries to start with? #IPBC

AwakenIP Phelps: IP provides legal scaffolding for creating relationships. If open source & msft (oil & water) could get together, anyone can. #ipbc

DuncanBucknell As you set out to navigate your internal organisation – think about how you can help each of the stakeholders – #IPBC

JackDTodd Microsoft: IP/CIPO must be evangelist for IP and must be able to politic with the business units. Must overcome the internal "No." #IPBC

DuncanBucknell biggest mistake in IP – hiding IP function and hiding IP within organisation – #IPBC

DuncanBucknell Critical that you work on gaining trust and credibility within your organisation is just as important as externally – #IPBC

DuncanBucknell it’s not so much how IP function is structured but how well you do your job – Ruud Peters #IPBC

JackDTodd Philips: IP team in company must be "connected" or closely aligned/in synch with business units. #IPBC

jmattbuchanan RT @JackDTodd: MUST capture IP internally when it is created or it will be lost and dissipated. CAPTURE, OPTIMIZE, PROTECT/PATENT. #IPBC

AwakenIP Phelps: Having patent licenses with customers and competitors in other countries can help with governmental relationships abroad. #ipbc

DuncanBucknell Depends on context? RT @AwakenIP: Should CIPO come from business, law or technical backgrounds? Split voting results at #ipbc audience.

DuncanBucknell Same for those tryign to implement open innovation RT @DuncanBucknell: Do wanna be CIPOs need to bc students of change management? #IPBC

DuncanBucknell add – don’t care about job title – RT @thinkfireip: #ipbc Cipo qualities: communicatn, negotiatn, taking arrows in back, educate, fearless

DuncanBucknell global, explosive, viral – some of the best of open innovation #IPBC and just try to apply old world IP principles to that 🙂

DuncanBucknell Do you need to be able to protect with patents to do open innovation? #IPBC

DuncanBucknell Imperative for P&G to tap international networks to spread their open innovation efforts – which networks is an interesting qn #IPBC

DuncanBucknell & industry RT @JackDTodd: Session/CIPO: role of CIPO differs based on company (start-up, large company; M&A activity). #IPBC

DuncanBucknell but how to get them to let you speak? RT @thinkfireip: #ipbc being at right meetings to elevate ip function as critical element.

DuncanBucknell Question = how much of this is true open innovatn & how much just collaboration? RT @DuncanBucknell: open innov in pharma Exelixis #IPBC

DuncanBucknell Also attorney’s fees if lose, RT @DuncanBucknell: reducing cost of US pat litigati – discovery, court appointd experts? #IPBC

ipdotcom RT @DuncanBucknell Disconnect between IP industry and CEO’s understanding of importance IP – a big theme of this conference #IPBC

DuncanBucknell patent litigation cost in the US is a little out of control – Duane Valz (Yahoo) – yeah but what do we do about that? – #IPBC

DuncanBucknell "If you want to get rid of the NPEs, you’re burning down the house to get rid of mice" – Ralph Eckardt #IPBC

DuncanBucknell Getting IP on to the balance sheet – sure – but don’t we have to agree on some valuation first? #IPBC

DuncanBucknell Ralph Eckardt building a case that enforceability of patents increases R&D spending – (of course), what’s next though? #IPBC

DuncanBucknell Incredible that USPTO may be become more application friendly just because they have budget shortage as a result of many abandonments #IPBC

DuncanBucknell Like many, GSK are abandoning many patents & TMs – impressive that they are also bundling some with data for proposed outlicense – #IPBC

DuncanBucknell Damages apportionment – I don’t think it is a good idea to have different patent systems for different industry segments – #IPBC US patents

riemannzeta MFM: based on description by panelists, Chinese IP Office may within 10 years become the most important in the world. More efficient. #IPBC

One Comment on “Release the tweets – IPBC09 and beyond

  1. Duncan, Amazing list of thoughts.  Yes, IPBC was quite a stimulating conference.  A powerful set of ideas.  Thank you for writing yours down.  One of the thoughts that rises to the top for me is the idea that the CIPO or the aspiring CIPO needs to be fearless, needs to be willing to stand on the parapet, etc.  Why is this?  Is this because IP in corporations is an entrepreneurial field right now?  Or is it because senior leadership in most companies has little education in the field?  Or is it because the theory is in its infancy?  Or is it because, as you suggest, that the role of the CIPO is first of all as the leader of organizational change–change in strategic thinking, change in organizational roles and responsibilities, change in how the organization defines itself?

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