5 Comments on “Problem patents in innovator pharma

  1. FTO analysis of particular product for IP clearance involves systematic search strategy. Apart from the patents available in the common data bases of USPTO,ESPACENET,PCT and other countries, search needs a comprehensive strategy to locate the problematic patent which otherwise would become an impediment for the IP clearance. K.M.Senthil Kumar

  2. My favourite search tool involves all the common data bases available in the public domain besides paid data bases such as Scifinder, STN, Delphion and so on. Despite being available as paid data bases, comprehensive search to locate the problematic patent is an art and involves complex and manipulated search strategy. K.M.Senthil Kumar

  3. In house IP clearance involving the said search strategy may bring a certain level of results. However, through FTO analysis may require out house IP clearance as well. K.M.Senthil Kumar

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