Please tell us what you want in an IP podcast.

The IP Think Tank podcasts have done extremely well since we launched them in November last year.

Subscriptions are up, we have many of the world’s leading IP bloggers and IP commentators lined up as guests and we’ve had some very entertaining and thought provoking discussions.

The format is an approximately 20 minute informal discussion each week with leading IP bloggers and commentators about what’s caught their eye in the IP world recently.  It is designed to be informal and easy for participants to get involved in – so there’s no preparation required.  Instead, we rely on the expertise of each of the participants to provide their insights.

We’re very keen to get your feedback and see how we can improve. 

Please do let us know – we’d love to get even better.

6 Comments on “Please tell us what you want in an IP podcast.

  1. A discussion on Substantive Patent Law Treaty (SPLT) seems imperative when there are concerted efforts towards greater harmonization.

  2. I have only recently started to listen to the podcast and have found it really helpful in deciding intellectual property strategy. I have a role as an IP manager for a small business and would class myself as a user of attorney services.

  3. Hi Duncan:
    As an IP Strategist who who recommends filing strategies for large and small companies, I would like to hear some pragmatic advice from other experienced practitioners about the various issues facing my clients today. 

    Your deep pharmaceutical expertise is of great value to companies in other technology areas (which generally comprise my client base) that are just awakening to the need to agressively enforce their IP rights.  As you know, these companies will typically have much less agressive IP filing strategies, but will still wish to seek cost effective protection in the relevant jurisdictions. 
    As couple of examples, what is the best combination of coverage vs cost in the EPO when choosing countries in which to validate one’s patent?  Although Brazil is rising on the list of countries in which many companies seek patent protection, what is the enforcement regime like there?  
    Keep up the good work and thanks for helping to spread the word about IP Strategy!

  4. I have listened to a few of the Podcasts and I like your current trend of stating on the website who you are chatting to in the PodCast.  Not that there are people I don’t want to listen to – it just helps me prioritise them.  😉

  5. Akshay – thanks very much.  We’re putting together our first hour-long podcast show on a special topic and this is a great topic for a show like that.  I’ll add it to the list.Gareth – thanks so much for the feedback.Best regardsDuncan

  6. Hi Jackie and TJThanks for your comments.  Sorry that they were delayed in posting on the site.  There’s a second button to click when you post a comment – if it’s missed then I have to notice it caught in the system and release it.Jackie – thanks so much – these are great suggestions.  Thanks again for being on the show recently.TJ – thanks so much

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