Moving from 'patents kill' to sensible debate – new article at IP Think Tank

The brand value of IP is currently somewhere between ‘patents kill’ and a general lack of awareness of what IP actually is.  So says Dr. Roya Ghafele in the most recent article to be published at IP Think Tank – ‘Make patents not war‘.  Dr Ghafele is of course a lecturer at the University of Oxford.

And, yes, we’re opening our virtual doors to publish (or republish) high quality, research based articles from others.  We will collaborate on some of these articles, when appropriate.)  

Here are a few interesting excerpts from the article:

‘What can be done to calm the situation and to stop the international “IP war”? The crucial element in this exercise is to understand the concept of “incentives”. Both, business and civil society have an “incentive” to move from a stage of war to a constructive, solution driven approach.’

‘So far, IP has been largely looked upon from a legal perspective, which comes as no surprise since current educational systems worldwide only train lawyers in IP.’

‘A different perspective on IP, one that looks at it as a strategic asset more than a legal framework gives way to new managerial perspectives on intellectual property.’

‘It needs political will, business initiative and the concerted effort of both business and the public sector to foster inclusion and knowledge equity rather than further marginalization and discrimination.’

Please do come and add your thoughts to the debate.

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