Joining the team at Think IP Strategy

When I first discovered Think IP Strategy I was intrigued and instantly wanted to know more about the company and how it operates.

Ana PopescuI had a lot of questions, most of them coming from a ‘too good to be true’ thinking. Working on a virtual environment? How do you do that? What kind of projects do you take? What is really the market you are targeting? How do you communicate with your clients and what about with each other? Doesn’t it get lonely? What keeps you motivated? Can you really organize your time the way you want? Etc.

When I joined the company this summer my questions were answered. Yes, it can be that good – especially if you are open and have an idea of what you want to do in life (I am talking about both personal and professional development). What makes it all work is the wonderful team and the quality of the projects that you are faced with.

To be honest when I first joined my main concern was that working in a virtual environment could get lonely. I was wrong – there are numerous occasions to talk to people in a day (both verbally and in our chat room ‘watercooler’) and someone always has something interesting to share (you just have to be open to it). Personally I was surprised how united the team was and how energizing and motivated I felt by their optimism and general ‘can do’ attitude.

The fact that we work together on different projects gives us a chance to bond even more and learn from each other. There are a lot of things going on in the same time in the company and quite a few time zones to consider – so focus and prioritizing is a must. Clients always come first and individual personal and professional development is very important.

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