IP Think Tank Global Week in Review – 18 April 2008

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Highlights this week included:


Global – General

  • Candidates for post of WIPO Director General present their platforms: (WIPO),
  • IP is not a thing: (Dilanchian),
  • FOSS adoption and consumer welfare: (IPcentral)

Global – Trade Marks / Domain Names / Brands

  • Manufacturers becoming brand licensing companies: (IP ThinkTank),
  • Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement moves forward: (Michael Geist)

Global – Patents

  • Office Open XML voted to become official standard, so out of Microsoft’s hands: (Ars Technica),
  • Google’s KML map markup language now an official standard: (Ars Technica),
  • Application patents don’t apply – new uses of existing technologies: (Intellectual Property Directions),
  • US and Japanese patentees stand to gain London Agreement bonus: (IAM)

Global – Copyright

  • Hyperlinks as original multimedia – can you help?: (IPKat),
  • Tactical response to infringers – copy them?: RealNetworks, Mattel and Hasbro copy the infringer by creating online Scrabble: (IP ThinkTank),
  • Creative Commons Statement of Intent for Attribution-Share Alike Licenses released: (creativecommons.org)


  • IP Business Congress – 25-26 June, Amsterdam: (IP Business Congress),
  • INTA annual meeting – 17-21 May, Berlin: (IMPACT),
  • Australia: IPRIA / CELRL / IP Australia: Employees’ IP and the employment relationship – incentives to innovate – 23 April, Melbourne: (IP Down Under),
  • Australia: Open access and research conference – 24-25 September, Brisbane: (opencontentlawyer.com),
  • China: Ministry of Culture Shanghai: IPR Awareness Week – 20-26 April: (Lehman, Lee & Xu),
  • EU: Informa Life Sciences: EU pharmaceutical law forum – 8-9 May, Brussels: (Orange Book Blog),
  • US: On Copyright 2008 – 1 May, New York: (Public Knowledge),
  • US: PLI conference: Markman hearings and claim construction in patent litigation 2008 – 9 July, New York: (Philip Brooks),
  • US: PTO webcast regarding Public PAIR and data-mining requests – 30 April: (Patent Docs), (PLI), (Patent Prospector),
  • US: Law Seminars International: Patent Claim Construction – 25 April, Atlanta: (PLI)
  • US: American Conference Institute: Pharma/Biotech collaborative agreements – 30 April – 1 May, San Francisco: (PLI),
  • US CAFC: The Federal Circuit: a national court of appeals: addressing new challenges – 15 May, Washington: (PLI),
  • US: Worldwide Business Research: PharmaBiotech IP Summit – 28-30 May, Philadelphia: (PLI),
  • US: PLI: Prior art & obviousness 2008: The PTO and CAFC perspective on patent law sections 102 & 103 – 16 June, San Francisco: (PLI),
  • US: BIO: BIO International Convention – 17-20 June, San Diego: (PLI),
  • US: Law Seminars International: Multilateral patents – 23 June, San Francisco: (PLI)

Pharma & Biotech

Pharma & Biotech – General

  • Innovative partnership to create another patent-free malaria drug: (Intellectual Property Watch),
  • Argentina: Inconsistencies in the protection of scientific data – pharmaceuticals and agrochemicals: (International Law Office),
  • India / Uganda: CIPLA, LDCs and parallel importation: interesting times ahead?: (Spicy IP),
  • India: OPPI recommends timeframe for pre-grant opposition: (Spicy IP),
  • India: Jatropha patents (agri-biotech): (Spicy IP),
  • India & US: Stem cell patents: (Spicy IP),
  • Kenya: GSK presses Kenya to crack down on imports of fake medicines: (Afro-IP),
  • Nigeria: Interview with Director General of NAFDAC – Cracking down on counterfeit drugs: (Afro-IP),
  • EU: No link between parallel trade and reduction in R&D, says AG in Sot. Lélos Kai Sia EE (and Others) v GlaxoSmithKline AEVE: (IPKat),
  • US: Bio commends Sen Specter for patent reform stance: (Patent Docs),
  • US: USPTO rules on two of four neural stem cell patents in dispute between StemCells Inc and Neuralstem Inc; parties disagree on how extensively claims amended: (IP Law360), (IPBiz),
  • US: Insmed continues fight for generic biologic approval: (GenericsWeb),

Pharma & Biotech – Products

  • Cipralex (Escitalopram) – Lundbeck wins appellate ruling on Cipralex patent; Biogen test for patent insufficiency revisited by UK Court of Appeal in Generics (UK) Limited v Lundbeck A/S: (IPEG), (IP Law360), (Therapeutics Daily), (Hal Wegner),
  • Mircera (Methoxy polyethylene glycol-epoetin beta) – Roche appeals ban on its sales of Mircera in its patent dispute with Amgen: (Patent Docs), (Patent Docs),
  • Nexium (Esomeprazole) – Ranbaxy and AstraZeneca reach agreement in Esomeprazole patent litigation: (SmartBrief), (IPBiz), (Spicy IP), (Profitability through Simplicity), (IP Law360), (Philip Brooks), (GenericsWeb),
  • Olux (Clobetasol propionate) – Agis fails to have Connetics’ patent infringement suit over Agis’ ANDA for generic Olux dismissed: (IP Law360),
  • Pepcid (Famotide) – US Federal Circuit affirms invalidity of Johnson & Johnson and Merck & Co’s Pepcid patent: (IP Law360), (GenericsWeb),
  • Risperdal (Risperidone) – Teva wins Risperdal Orange Book patent listing case; an appeal appears likely: (FDA Law Blog), (IP Law360), (IP Factor),
  • Solodyn (Minocycline) – California federal court dismisses Impax Lab’s case against Medicis Pharma for failing to show an immediate controversy regarding Solodyn patent: (IP Law360),
  • Tarceva (Erlotinib) – Roche appeals Delhi High Court decision not to restrain Cipla from selling generic version of Tarceva: (Spicy IP),
  • Topomax (Topiramate) – Ortho-McNeil keeps exclusivity on topiramate after district court blocks Mylan Labs from infringing their patent; court pulls ‘or’ out of ‘and’ in Ortho-McNeil’s patent: (Patent Baristas),
  • Xyzal (Levocetirizine) – UCB SA and Sepracor sue Synthon over ANDA for generic version of Xyzal: (IP Law360)


  • Transfer pricing focus study by Ernst & Young: (Afro-IP),
  • Kora All Africa Music Awards to promote copyright values: (Afro-IP),
  • IP Kenya – new blog: (BLOG@IP::JUR),
  • Kenya: Government to apply for KIKOY as UK trade mark: (IP Kenya),
  • Nigeria: £350million owed for ‘looted’ cultural artifacts: (IP finance), (Innovationpartners),
  • São Tomé and Príncipe sign up for PCT: (Afro-IP),
  • South Africa: Copyright review: (Afro-IP),
  • South Africa counterfeit raids: Charges for ringleaders, warnings for the small fry: (Afro-IP),
  • South Africa: Prof B Rutherford’s article ‘Limiting the trade mark monopoly: the nature of infringing use’: (Afro-IP),
  • Tanzania: Dar es Salaam protestors object to Chinese fakes: (Afro-IP), (IP Dragon)


  • Telstra settles with ACCC over Trading Post ‘sponsored links’: (IPwar’s),
  • IP Australia adopts ‘Reconciliation Action Plan’ to promote respect for creativity and innovation of Indigenous Australians: (IP Down Under), (IPwar’s),
  • Judgment handed down in Elwood Clothing Pty Ltd v Cotton On Clothing Pty Ltd concerning copyright entitlement in computer design drawings: (IP Down Under),
  • R&D for commercial business: Managing your IP: (IP Down Under),
  • Does size count? Protecting computer programs under the Copyright Act: Dais Studios v Bullet Creative: (IP Down Under),
  • Assessing copyright risk in new classroom technologies: (IP Down Under),
  • Cadbury loses battle over exclusive use of colour purple for chocolate wrapping in its case against Darrell Lea: (Australian Trade Marks Law Blog), (IP Down Under), (IPKat), (IPwar’s),
  • Employee or independent contractor? – ownership of IP: (Dilanchian),
  • Consultant or contractor IP: (Dilanchian),
  • IP and general business law issues: Website terms of use reduce risk: (Dilanchian),
  • Plant breeder’s rights actions in the Federal Court will now be regarded as IP cases for the purpose of docket allocation: (IPwar’s),
  • Ajinomoto v NutraSweet – inventive step and costs: (IPRoo),
  • Australian Federation Against Copyright Theft 2020 submission: (LawFont.com)


  • Trade mark statistics and top brands and registrants of 2007: (Class 46)


  • Bulgarian Patent Office, Customs Agency and Economic Police coordinates move against infringers: (Class 46)


  • TSX, Canada’s largest stock exchange operator, settles suit against Canadian Trading and Quotation System over illegal use of TSX’ trading system specifications: (IP Law360),
  • Trade marks and metatags: BCAA et al v Office and Professional Employees’ Int. Union et al: (ipblog.ca),
  • Identical or similar names don’t necessarily mean there is infringement: Octeau et al v Kempter Marketing Inc: (Canadian Trademark Blog),
  • A history of open access in Canada: (Michael Geist),
  • .ca domain name registrations reach 1 million milestone: (Canadian Trademark Blog), (Michael Geist),
  • Developing Canada’s IP agenda: (Michael Geist)


  • Supreme Court of Beijing decides packaging of Montresor-Zhanjiangang’s ‘Ferrari’ chocolates slavishly copies that of Ferrero International’s ‘Ferrero Rocher’ chocolates: (Class 46),
  • Li-Ning on Nike: (Counterfeit Chic), (Trademark Blog),
  • ‘If you can afford a car, you can afford a[n IP] lawsuit’: (Experience Not Logic),
  • Beijing Higher People’s Court lists its top 10 IP cases for 2007: (Rouse & Co International),
  • China and EU Customs unveils plans to share information to crack down on counterfeiting: (IP Dragon),
  • China: We’re fight piracy, honest!: (Ars Technica)
  • China IP? The answer is better luck next time: (China Law Blog)


  • Unregistered Opera mark – infringing and descriptive uses: Holmegaard v Erik Bagger: (Class 46),
  • The architect’s patents: (Innovationpartners),
  • Pirate Bay demands compensation from IFPI for downtime due to Danish ISP’s blocking access following IFPI’s demands: (Techdirt)


  • OAMI Live blog for exchange of views on OAMI issues: (IPKat), (BLOG@IP::JUR),
  • Adidas’ three stripes design gets ECJ approval in adidas v H & M: (Counterfeit Chic), (Afro-IP), (Catch Us If You Can!!!), (IMPACT),
  • Europe’s in-house IP champions announced at European Counsel Awards, London: (IAM),
  • European Parliament on combating digital piracy: (IPKat),
  • EU Commission adopts recommendation on the management of IP in knowledge transfer activities by public research organizations: (IPR-Helpdesk), (BLOG@IP::JUR), (IP finance), (IAM),
  • Brandchannel releases report on top performing European retail brands: (Class 46),
  • Another trade mark question referred to the ECJ: UDV North America Inc v Brandtraders NV: (Class 46),
  • Sony BMG asks ECJ to uphold its rights to certain Bob Dylan songs: Case C-240/07: (IPKat),
  • Applicant panel survey 2007 on future patent filings: (European Patent Office),
  • Elsmore writes on trade mark coexistence agreements: (Class 46),
  • Citibank wins dilution case before CFI: Citigroup and Citibank v OHIM: (IPKat), (Class 46),
  • European Data Protection Supervisor calls for data breach law for business: (Out-Law),
  • ECJ ruling on distribution in copyright case Peek & Cloppenburg KG v Cassina SpA: (IPKat)


  • Germany passes law to implement IPR Enforcement Directive: (Class 46), (BLOG@IP::JUR), (Intellectual Property Watch)
  • German bill on contingency fees for attorneys-at-law, patent attorneys and tax advisors: (BLOG@IP::JUR),
  • Requests for GI protection lodged for mustards from Duesseldorf: (Class 46),
  • Zappa Family Trust commences proceedings against Arf Society over Frank Zappa dedicated festival ‘Zapanale’: (Class 46)


  • GI protection sought for Feni cashew apple liquor: (Spicy IP),
  • Piracy in the film industry – Bigwigs offer differing opinions: (Spicy IP),
  • Further developments Krazzy 4 case regarding alleged use of jingle without composer’s permission: (Spicy IP),
  • Report on IIT Kharagpur organized technology transfer expo, IndAc’08: (ipmINDs),
  • India withdrawal from Indo-US FutureGen project over tech transfer issues: (Spicy IP),
  • Bollywood actor Aamir Khan witness in copyright infringement case concerning movie ‘Lagaan’: (Spicy IP)


  • Indonesian cultural heritage takes centre stage at WIPO supported event: (WIPO)


  • Can you help? – queries re IP finance reading materials and careers in internal IP auditing: (IP finance)


  • Expansion of patentable subject matter of medical diagnosis related technologies: (wonjon.com),
  • Saint-Exupéry Foundation demands bookstores and publishers stop selling copies of ‘The Little Prince’ claiming IP rights in the illustrations and title design: (IPKat)


  • WIPO signs cooperation agreements with two leading Mexican educational institutions to advance the teaching of IP: (WIPO), (Daily Dose of IP)


  • Similar logos for Olsztyn city and Cekcyn district: (Class 46)


  • Spanish PTO launches anti-piracy website: (Class 46)


  • Swiss upgrade treaty commitments – PLT, WCT, WPPT: (IPKat),
  • ‘Pro file-sharing’ musician upset that he’s being used in lawsuit against Pirate Bay: (Techdirt)

United Kingdom

  • Plans for .sco domain for Scotland: (Class 46),
  • UK music industry demands format shifting levy: (Out-Law),(IPKat), (Ars Technica), (Techdirt), (Patry Copyright Blog), (IP Law360),
  • Official launch of Anti Copying in Design (ACID) ‘Mediate to Resolve’ scheme: (IPKat),
  • UKIPO launches new free patents database: (IP Menu News),
  • High Court recommends narrow view of mental act exclusion to patentability in Rajesh Kapur v The Comptroller General of Patents, Design and Trade Marks: (IPKat),
  • Sir Terence Conran’s son seeks to prevent use of notorious surname by the less-well-known advertising giant Havas: (IPKat),
  • Results are worthy goals for experts, but principled reasoning is worthier: Artificial Solutions Germany GmbH v Creative Virtual Ltd: (ISinIP),
  • Dr Who copyright case: (Patry Copyright Blog),
  • Five year old becomes youngest British patent proprietor: (IPKat), (IMPACT),
  • Hearing Officer’s refusal to register THERE AIN’T NO F IN JUSTICE for t-shirts overturned: (IPKat)

United States

US General

  • USPTO launches new curriculum, i-©®eaTM, and new website, InventNow.org, to educate and inspire tweens in the field of IP: (Patent Prospector), (Techdirt),
  • Supreme Court decision in US v Clintwood Elkhorn Mining Co: Plain meaning trumps legislative history: (Hal Wegner),
  • IP bundling model to be developed: (IP finance)

US Patent Reform

US Patents

US Copyright

US Trademarks

  • University of Iowa: Trademark Scholars’ Roundtable: (Reading list – 43(B)log), (Report on roundtable discussion – Part 1 – 43(B)log, Part 2 – 43(B)log, Session 2 – 43(B)log, Session 3 – 43(B)log),
  • Courts split over trade mark issues in search engine keyword advertising cases: (IP Law360)

US – Companies / Entities

  • Abbott – Innogenetics, Abbott strike $9.5 million deal on Hep C virus testing patent: (IP Law360), (Patent Docs),
  • Abbott – Product-by-process; Scripps/Atlantic Thermoplastics conflict: Lupin v Abbott: (Hal Wegner),
  • Acacia – Multidistrict litigation created for photo-printing patent suits brought by Acacia against several camera manufacturers: (IP Law360),
  • Advanced Video Technologies – Advanced Video Technologies launches lawsuit against Pure Digital Technology alleging infringement of their patent for full duplex single chip video codec: (Philip Brooks),
  • Alpha Scientific Corp – CAFC sides with Helena Laboratories in patent dispute with Alpha over blood collection tubes: (IP Law360),
  • Axiom – 11th Circuit finds use of competitor’s marks in metatags is trade mark infringement in North American Medical Corp v Axiom Worldwide Inc: (IPwar’s), (ipblog.ca),
  • Bilski – BIO files amicus brief in Bilski case: (Patent Docs),
  • Boeing – SES Americom satellite abandoned due to patent on lunar flybys: (Techdirt),
  • Cambridge University Press – Cambridge University Press, Oxford University Press and Sage Publications sue Georgia State University over digital distribution of class reading materials: (Ars Technica), (IP Law360),
  • Cat Power – Cat Power, Matador Records get ensnared in copyright controversy over incorrectly crediting and failing to pay due royalties to copyright owner: (Public Knowledge),
  • Crocs – ITC Judge finds Crocs’ utility patent for colourful plastic shoes invalid: (IP Law360), (Washington State Patent Law Blog),
  • DataTreasury Corp – CAFC upholds order denying a bid from Wells Fargo & Co and Wells Fargo Bank to toss or stay patent suit with DataTreasury over cheque imaging technology: (IP Law360), (Patent Prospector), (Patently-O),
  • Electrolux – Electrolux loses trade dress infringement claim against Imig: (43(B)log),
  • Facebook – Harvard classmate of Facebook founder seeks to invalidate Facebook trade mark: (IP Law360), (Techdirt), (The Trademark Blog),
  • IBM – Big Blue CFO confirms company’s IP-focused acquisitions strategy: (IAM),
  • Justia – State of Oregon uses copyright law to prevent other sites from publicising Oregon law: (Techdirt), (Ars Technica),
  • Kodak – DR Systems sues to invalidate Kodak’s patent: (IP Law360),
  • LG Electronics – DTL Licenses key cell phone patent to LG Electronics: (Philip Brooks),
  • Lockheed Martin – EFF hits back at Lockheed Martin for asserting its B-24 trade mark to force B-24 bomber digital images offline: (Techdirt),
  • Magnatek – Judge confirms $23.4 million award against Magnatek in lawsuit over electronic lighting ballasts patents owned by Ole K Nilssen: (IP Law360),
  • Microsoft – Microsoft proposes new ad privacy structure in effort to influence FTC in on issue of whether online advertisers should be governed by self-regulatory principles: (Out-Law),
  • Mullen – Confidential information is potentially broader trade secret information: United Image Print Group, LLC v Mullen: (Chicago IP Litigation Blog),
  • NBC – NBC says Apple must address piracy before NBC allows TV content back on iTunes: (Ars Technica), (Techdirt),
  • Northwest Airlines – Northwest latest carrier to be ensnared in patent infringement suit by Eon-Net over document-scanning technology: (IP Law360),
  • Nylok – Post judgment collateral attack on IP through PTO action barred by ‘defendant preclusion’: Nasalok Coating v Nylok: (Patently-O),
  • OraSure – Orasure defends itself in HIV test patent suit brought by Inverness Medical Switzerland and Church & Dwight, alleging patent invalidity: (IP Law360),
  • Power-One – Texas federal judge issues permanent injunction preventing Artesyn Technologies from infringing Power-One patent for power converter technology: (IP Law360),
  • Qualcomm – Telco’s LTE 4G patent pact; Qualcomm doesn’t sign up: (Ars Technica), (Techdirt),
  • Realtek – Realtek seeks lower damages in 3Com patent suit: (IP Law360),
  • RIAA – Lava v Amurao file-sharing case dismissed with prejudice at RIAA’s request: (Ars Technica),
  • RIAA – Marshal University fails to block RIAA’s P2P subpoenas: Arista Records v Does 1-7: (Ars Technica),
  • Rowling – J K Rowling testifies in lawsuit against fan-created Harry Potter lexicon that may become important test of US fair use law: (Ars Technica), (IPKat), (Copyfight), (Techdirt),
  • Seagate – Seagate files suit against STEC claiming infringement of four solid-state memory patents: (Ars Technica), (IP Law360), (Techdirt), (Philip Brooks),
  • SmartGene – Texas District judge dismisses Advanced Biological Laboratories’ patent infringement claims against SmartGene for lack of jurisdiction: (IP Law360),
  • Southwest Medical Solutions: US Securities and Exchange Commission sues Southwest, claiming it misled investors in relation to status of pending trade marks and other matters: (IP Law360),
  • Symantec – Court reverses summary judgment of noninfringement and invalidity based upon faulty claim construction in Symantec Corp v Computer Assoc Int’l Inc: (Hal Wegner), (Patent Prospector), (IP Law360), (Patently-O),
  • T-Mobile – Patentee has no ‘presumption of priority’ unless specifically adjudged by the PTO during prosecution: PowerOasis v T-Mobile: (Patently-O), (Hal Wegner), (Patent Prospector), (Peter Zura’s 271 Patent Blog), (IP Law360),
  • TiVo – CAFC refuses to reconsider ruling that DISH Network’s DVRs infringed on TiVo’s patents for a ‘multimedia time warping system’: (Ars Technica), (Patent Prospector), (IP Law360),
  • Toyota – Solomon Technologies’s arguments heard by CAFC in its appeal against ITC decision alleging patent infringement by Toyota in relation to its hybrid model, Prius: (IPBiz),
  • Toyota – Toyota asks Supreme Court to review case in which Toyota’s Prius model was found to have infringed Paice’s patents: (IP Law360),
  • UniRAM Technology – District Judge rejects Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co’s bid to have one of UniRAM’s patent declared invalid due to inequitable conduct in trade secrets case brought by UniRAM: (IP Law360), (Philip Brooks),
  • VoxPath Networks – VoxPath brings patent suit against Verizon, Cox and other VoIP companies over technology for distinguishing between internal and external calls: (IP Law360),
  • Zenith – CAFC partial remand of Zenith Electronics Corp v PDI Communication Systems, Inc; that which infringes if later, anticipates if earlier – but elements of anticipation must still be proven: (Patently-O), (Hal Wegner), (Patent Prospector), (IP Law360)

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  1. Mental Acts at High Court
    Kapur pulled of a Ressurrection ? Or have Pantent office done this to save face…
    see what i don’t understand is if Symbian are through how does Kapur not
    is Computer Exclusion over

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