IP Think Tank – a global & strategic blog, not a blawg

Great to have your attention — thanks for reading this first post. The discussion on this blog is about Global Intellectual Property Strategy — each post will add an IP Strategy spin to developments around the world.

Strategy not just law.

Plenty of other people are already covering IP Law and some in particular (IPKat and Patently’O, for example) are doing it brilliantly.

Sure, the discussion won’t shy away from the finer points of the law, in any jurisdiction, but only in their strategic context. The discussion will go much further than the law, to anything and everything that impacts on intellectual property strategy — so from Branding strategy in different industries or countries, to securitizing your next patent enforcement, it’ll all be here.

So please come along and join the conversation and let’s explore this exciting area together.

One Comment on “IP Think Tank – a global & strategic blog, not a blawg

  1. Congratulations on your new site. I look forward to following the discussion as it unfolds.

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