Filing trademarks from the beach – what would google do?

Are you actively playing according to the new, disruptive rules of the internet, or clinging to the old ones?

To get some insight, read ‘What would google do’ – a thought provoking book by Jeff Jarvis – I really recommend it.

By the way, it’s not so much about Google, as you.  How are you adapting to the new world that is developing all around you.

Here’s an example. 

Over our recent summer break we went camping with friends at the beach.  We were chatting about various things and someone mentioned a name dispute over a musical band they are working on.  After a short discussion, an iPhone was switched on, a search conducted and a trade mark filed. 

Right there, at the beach, over a glass of wine.

Trademarks used to be things that you’d get an attorney to do and they’d studiously take down your details, and eventually the thing would be filed, maybe within a few days if you were lucky.

The world is changing, rapidly.

How are you placed to make the most of it?

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2 Comments on “Filing trademarks from the beach – what would google do?

  1. No question the online forms have made filing a trademark application a much easier process. But, I hope you are not recommending that people without trademark experience file their own trademark applications. As an (admittedly biased) IP attorney, I have seen too many trademark applications filed by laypersons that have serious mistakes. Sometimes these mistakes cannot be fixed, other times the fix is difficult and expensive.

  2. Thanks very much CliffordI think that people should have the choice to inform themselves and file their own trademarks if they wish.

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