Be polite, damn it

tompeters! latest book is fun, especially if you’re listening to him read it to you in the audio version.  Just like being in one of his seminars with him prowling the room and practically yelling from time to time.

All good stuff.

Tom’s really really big on politeness, civility, thank you and things like that.

Well, what does that have to do with intellectual property strategy? 

For a start, its the best way to:

  1. get your job done within your organisation;
  2. help your customers or clients;
  3. deal with the opposing side in a dispute – they’ll either be confused by your lack of aggression, or thankful, heck, you may even get to a faster and better resolution;
  4. build up your team;
  5. build up trust as you forge your new ‘IP Visionary’ role;
  6. shepherd your latest initiatives through the senior exec team;
  7. increase the importance of IP in your organisation;
  8. decrease the importance of IP in your organisation;
  9. get that trade mark or patent or design or whatever through examination;
  10. do just about anything.

so why wouldn’t you?

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