Amsterdam – IP Business Congress

Off to Amsterdam (from London) this evening for the first ever IP Business Congress, hosted by IAM-Magazine and thanks to the ever-energetic Joff Wild.

It promises to be a great conference, with intellectual property leaders from around the world all attending and a program that focuses on the business end of IP.

I’ll be chairing the lifesciences breakout session and encourage any participants to speak up so that we can get a useful and insightful discussion going.

I look forward to catching up with those readers who will be coming along to the conference.

2 Comments on “Amsterdam – IP Business Congress

  1. Hi Duncan,
    I just left this response regarding your comment on the IAM blog. Thanks for the question.

    “In my experience, the closer one’s function is to the collecting and handling of money and customers, the more core or “line” the function. I believe a CIPO role which loses focus of this is very much so in danger of becoming “siloed” as you say as a “staff” function.
    Depending on how the role is defined, COO’s and CFO’s are often line functional roles. As such, they become CEO’s far more often than CIO’s, GC’s or others in what may be called “staff functions” (hr, qa, safety and compliance, etc.).
    If we try to create this CIPO role and it looks like another staff function, there will likely be significant organizational resistance. If we create a role which accelerates and upgrades the line functions (sales management, product marketing, etc.), this role should encounter significantly less organizational difficulties.”

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