2011 IP Think Tank Almanac now available

We are delighted to announce that our inaugural IP Think Tank Almanac is now available from Amazon.

What is the 2011 IP Think Tank Almanac?

The 2011 IP Think Tank Almanac is the latest book from Think IP Strategy. The Almanac pulls together all the news reported in our Global Week in Review posts for the year.

How do I use it?

We have made the book available only as a Kindle e-book because we think it is most useful in this searchable and clickable format. Using the search function in Kindle enables you to get a snapshot of events from the year as a chronological list which you click through to see events associated with the keyword. You can then select posts from your favourite blog to click through and see their take on it.

Can you produce other Almanacs / this one rearranged?

We hope the 2011 IP Think Tank Almanac is handy resource for users and, as always, we would love to hear your feedback on the Almanac and how we might deliver further useful resources for you. Would you like to see back issues published? Would you like the information rearranged in other ways (perhaps by company, type of IP or other criteria)? We will put together a blog post soon with a questionnaire for these questions, but please do let us know in the mean time.

Thanks so much to all of those tireless IP bloggers

We send out a big thanks to all the industrious and insightful bloggers out there who keep serving up great coverage of the key issues in the world of IP. It is a pleasure to follow your work and we are so pleased to be able to direct our discerning readers to your top quality opinion and reporting.

Who wrote this year’s Almanac?

The Almanac was coauthored by Think IP Strategy team members Marie-Louise Mortimer and Kelly Wilton and edited by Duncan Bucknell. Marie-Louise has also coauthored Journal of Intellectual Property Law & Practice article Hot news misappropriation claim survives motion to dismiss.

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  1. Can you advise on most appropriate current books and resources?  I am proposing an undergraduate module on Intellectual Property Management for 3rd year students of Business and Management at a UK university.   Many thanks,  Ruth 

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