2 IP Strategy events in China in the next 2 weeks

We are delighted to let you know that we are putting on two free IP events in Shanghai (on 23rd November in Shanghai International Conference Center) and Beijing (on 24th November in Beijing Hilton Hotel).

We will cover the following topics:
– Building a first class IP Strategy for a Product
Interactive case study that highlights how to put IP in context with product development and sales strategies to make sure that an array of IP protection is designed around the elements of products that most matter given industry and customer considerations.
– Establishing Global IP Freedom of Action to Compete on the World Stage
Interactive case study that highlights how to protect IP globally and the mistakes that can occur when trying to protect Chinese intellectual property in the United States, Europe and other authorities. The participants will be presented with a business plan and IP strategy, and challenged with a series of unexpected events and competitive actions that could derail the plan and strategy.
– 6 Ways to Improve your IP Strategy
Presentation of 6 fundamental tenets for developing a superior IP Strategy. The presentation will be followed by a roundtable discussion exploring in depth how each tenet can be used to improve your IP strategy.

The workshops are to be held by:
– Duncan Bucknell, CEO of our firm, who is also author of the book Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology and Chemical Inventions World Protection and Exploitation and leading IP Strategist by IAM Magazine for year 2009-2011.
– Apeng Shang, Consultant and China Specialist of our firm.

We expect IP professionals to join us and exchange ideas and opinions on issues related to IP strategy.

We look forward to seeing you there.

To book please email Apeng at apeng@thinkipstrategy.com

Image Credit: Dainis Matisons






会议由本公司CEO Duncan Bucknell和本公司顾问尚阿鹏主持:
– Duncan Bucknell先生,2009年-2011年IMA杂志评选的顶级知识产权策略专家,《Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology and Chemical Inventions World Protection and Exploitation》一书的作者。
– 尚阿鹏,知识产权律师、顾问。



图片来自Dainis Matisons

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