The Impact of Pre-grant Opposition on Patents – New Book by Advocate Feroz Ali

Well known Indian IP advocate – Feroz Ali is out with his second book on patents.   The last time around, Feroz wrote a treatise on the Indian patent law with a focus on pharmaceuticals.  This time, Feroz has taken a very specific part of the Indian patent system – pre-grant oppositions, and written a business book.


Feroz’s new book is called “The Touchstone Effect: The Impact of Pre-grant Opposition on Patents” and as its name suggests, is focused on understanding the unique pre-grant opposition mechanism in India and how it can be used effectively by business.

As with his first book, the present book also has an interactive blog page.  The blog page for his new book already is up and running and has the patent office decisions referred in the book (with the relevant page and chapter numbers) which can be searched and downloaded.  The book as well as the blog start off from a case study of the Bajaj-TVS dispute.

The book can be purchased online for just Rs.295/- at or

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