Smart derivative trademarks

Global brands must be able to fit the local circumstances of each country they’re used in. This is difficult, as we’ve discussed before in the B.R.A.N.D.I.N.G. approach.

Often a global brand will have local versions in some countries where the original doesn’t quite work (for a whole host of reasons).

Another strategy is to use a derivative of the brand either with the parent brand or instead of it. But how do yoiu choose country-specific, meaningful derivatives?

Well one way is to let the market do it for you. Many times a brand or associated products will be referred to in each country with some alternative, and sometimes colloquial word or phrase.

So, for instance McDonalds is often called ‘Macka’s’ or “Mackers” in Australia – a typical Australian abbreviation. McDonalds has registered both as Australian trade marks, but has not bothered in the USA.

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