Re-introducing Duncan Bucknell Company – one hundred percent client focus

A number of you would have guessed by now that I decided a while ago that I should return to being a solo consultant.

As the firm got bigger, I found that looking after the team pulled me in a direction away from a place where clients are clearly first, and I also became so busy that I had less and less time for clients.   Over recent years we have been working back towards a solo consultancy in a carefully thought out process.

So the firm will soon be back where it should be – a solo consultancy.  I will miss the team of great people that previously made up Think IP Strategy (though I am delighted to be maintaining these friendships).  I will continue to collaborate on various levels with a number of them too.

Going forward, though I will be rebranding back to Duncan Bucknell Company and you’ll notice a few things in that vein as I work through the process of the rebrand.  (When I get time between looking after clients, of course.)

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