Product-focused IP Strategy

Build a strategy for a particular product

Choosing the right business model for a particular product is essential from an IP perspective.  For example, different levels of control can apply (from open source to a completely proprietary ecosystem) and dramatically different product IP Strategies need to be brought to bear.

The most effective IP Strategy for a given product starts in the very early stages and informs the business model chosen and the development path, and evolves as the product moves through development and out into market.

We not only work with new product developments, but also routinely work with clients to ‘refresh’ current products from an IP Strategy perspective.

We can help you to:

  • Review or establish a ‘whole of product’ IP Strategy – including analysing and building a coordinated intellectual property strategy for a product, throughout its lifecycle.
  • Integrate IP intelligence & efforts with other departments.
  • Establish brand strategy & management.
  • Make greater business use of IP by integrating marketing and sales aspects into the IP strategy and function.
  • Define the business model and level of control optimal for the product offering at hand.
  • Conduct innovation workshops to produce better, faster, and less expensive solutions that IP can protect.
  • Conduct war games to analyse and neutralize competitive threats and turn them into opportunities.
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