Prioritising your IP Action Points (Post 3 of 5 on Strategic IP Reviews)

Working out what you have to do is all fine and nice but the real benefits of an IP strategy will show if you take advantage of the momentum created and take action!

First step, make sure that every item on your IP action points list is important enough to be there.

Second step: prioritize your IP action points in order of urgency.  Why urgency? Because first things come first. Your strategy should be to focus on the most decisive points and in parallel – if all your IP action points are important – then the completion of urgent ones should be critical for setting the base of everything else.

The action list can be prioritizing in time (one, three and six months, 1 year) or in a simpler manner (do now, do soon, do later) and should include actions that have to do both with corporate strategy and product specific actions.

Once you establish your IP Action item list begin working on it from top to bottom. Do many tasks in parallel and don’t hesitate to stop to reconsider your priorities as you go along with your actions.

[Photo credit: koalazymonkey]

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