Please don’t nominate me for the IAM Strategy 300

It’s been a great honour to be a member of the IAM Strategy 300.  I was there in the first group (the IAM250) in 2009, and have been there every year since.  (Thank you so much for the previous nominations and votes of confidence.)

I think the IAM300 is a great way to let the world know about those at the top of the IP Strategy game and I’m absolutely delighted that this year’s selection will finally include people in in-house roles too.  Congratulations to Joff, SJ, Gavin and the team for a wonderful job.

As for me, my practice has changed, I no longer have 22 people in however-many countries around the globe.  It’s just me and my fantastic support team.  Apart from a handful of smaller clients that I can’t resist, I tend to spend more time working further up the chain, and more in the background these days, and I don’t have time for all of the marketing / business development we used to do.

There are many ‘up and coming’ IP Strategists who would cherish membership in the group and so it’s time to make room for them.

Best of luck to all of the nominees (and yes this blog will continue as and when I get time).





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