Pharma & Biotech Global Week in Review 2 Dec 09 from IP Think Tank

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Highlights this week included:

World AIDS Day: Make it happen (Patent Baristas) (IP Watch)

Venezuela to examine all pharmaceutical patents (IP tango)


World AIDS Day: Make it happen (Patent Baristas) (IP Watch)

Biodiversity negotiations need to allow for flexibility in business, industry says (IP Watch)

Brazilian government tailors a bill on trade sanctions (IP tango)

Kenya: Pharmaceutical patent pools seen as a life and death matter in Kenya (IP Watch)

Peru: Instructing your society: how to avoid illegal medicines (IP tango)

US: BRCA gene patents lawsuit lives on (IP Osgoode)

US: Amicus briefs in Ariad v Lilly (Patent Docs) (Patent Docs) (Patent Docs)

US: Follow-on biologics news briefs – no. 10 (Patent Docs)

Venezuela to examine all pharmaceutical patents (IP tango)


Alphagan (Brimonidine) – US: Exela files appeal to District Court Delaware’s decision finding patent infringement (Patent Docs)

Cosopt (Timolol, Dorzolamide) –UK: Inventive step: another nuance: Teva UK Ltd v Merck & Co Inc (PatLit) (IPKat)

Cutivate (Fluticasone) – US: Nycomed files patent infringement suit against Perrigo following Para IV challenge (Patent Docs)

Ebixa (Memantine) – Canada: Patent Act (post 1996) imposes duty of candour and good faith; Lundbeck’s patent invalidated: Lundbeck Canada Inc et al v Ratiopharm Inc (Patent Baristas)

Evoxac (Cevimeline) – US: Daiichi Sankyo files patent infringement suit in response to Sandoz’ ANDA to manufacture generic Evoxac (Patent Docs)

Famvir (Famciclovir) – US: Novartis prevails over Teva in Famvir suit (Patent Docs)

Lipitor (Atorvastatin) – Philippines: Why are drug expensive in the US? Because other countries just decide to pay less – Pfizer’s patent battle against UniLab (Patent Baristas)

Moxifloxacin – Venezuela annuls two of Bayer’s patents relating to Moxifloxacin (IP tango) (IP tango)

Plavix (Clopidogrel) – India: Indian company, Cadila, bears the brunt of section 3(d) (Spicy IP)

Sanctura (Trospium) – US: Allergan files patent infringement suit against Sandoz in response to Para IV challenge (Patent Docs)

Taxotere (Docetaxel) – Canada: Disclaimers can be validly filed after receipt of a NOA: Sanofi-Aventis Canada Inc v Hospira Healthcare Corporation (Patent Baristas)

Vigamox (Moxifloxacin) – US: Teva announces intent to appeal ruling that it infringed Alcon’s Vigamox patent (Patent Docs)

Yaz (Drospirenone, Ethinyl estradiol) – Canada: Formulation patents must claim all medicinal ingredients; Bayer’s patent ineligible for listing on Patent Register: Bayer Inc v Canada (Minister of Health) et al (Patent Baristas)

Zemplar (Paricalcitol) – US: Abbott Laboratories, WARF file patent infringement suit against Teva following Para IV challenge (Patent Docs)


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