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Highlight this week:

Swedish Court finds Pirate Bay founders guilty of copyright infringement; calls for retrial over Judge’s alleged conflict of interest (TorrentFreak) (Michael Geist) (Ars Technica) (Michael Geist) (Ars Technica) (TorrentFreak) (IPKat) (Laurence Kaye on Digital Media Law) (Managing Intellectual Property) (Managing Intellectual Property) (Edge Economy)

Global – General

IP, the internet and the ancien regime (BLOG@IP::JUR)

Global – Copyright

NIN frontman Trent Reznor talks alternative distribution models (Public Knowledge)

Big entertainment wants to party like it’s 1996 (Internet Evolution)

Global – Trade Marks

More than 100 companies back claims that ICANN’s plan to expand gTLD system will threaten consumer health and safety (Managing Intellectual Property)

WIPO orders transfer of to Automobili Lamborghini Holdings (Class 46)

Google and Yahoo! should divert ad payments from content thieves to rights owners, says software firm (Out-Law)

Global – Patents

Software patents – When is the right time to settle? (IP Think Tank


CRIA and CMPDA step up Canadian copyright lobby campaign (Michael Geist)

Foreign Affairs posts summary of ACTA consultation meeting (Michael Geist)

Why the Pirate Bay decision does not mean Canada needs copyright reform (Michael Geist)

Entertainment Software Association lobbies for reintroduction of C-61 (Michael Geist)

Biden tells MPAA dinner that Canada needs stronger IP laws (Michael Geist)


European Commission on ACTA: TRIPS is floor not ceiling (Intellectual Property Watch) (Michael Geist)

Pirate Bay copyright verdict could have major political implications in Europe (IAM)

Report: EU about to smack Intel for antitrust violations (Ars Technica)

Bickering over three-strikes rule stalls EU telecom reform (Ars Technica)


French ‘3 strikes’ law suffers shocking defeat (Ars Technica)


Google again successful against Edmunds Gaidis, this time regarding the domain name before the EETT (Class 46)


ISP Bezeq International speeds up customers’ BitTorrent downloads by caching popular torrent downloads on their own network (TorrentFreak)


Government shuts down BitTorrent tracker (TorrentFreak)


Norwegian study finds downloaders buy more music (Michael Geist) (Ars Technica)

Norway’s Post and Telecommunications Regulator says file-sharers identities can be given to copyright holders (TorrentFreak)


File-sharing admin convicted for crime he didn’t commit (TorrentFreak)


Pirate Bay judge accused of bias, calls for a retrial (TorrentFreak) (Michael Geist) (Ars Technica)

The Pirate Bay decision in context (IP Think Tank) (Internet Cases) (Ars Technica) (Out-Law)

Of Pirates, terrain and IP strategy (IP Think Tank)

After The Pirate Bay: what happens next? – Andrew Logie on need for fresh business strategy for rights-owning sector (IP finance)

Why everybody lost The Pirate Bay trial (TorrentFreak)

Swedish anti-piracy office threatens BitTorrent trackers (TorrentFreak)

Big Content seeks injunction as Pirate Bay appeals verdict (Ars Technica)

Hundreds protest against Pirate Bay decision (Michael Geist) (TorrentFreak)

Pirate Party membership surges following Pirate Bay verdict (TorrentFreak)

IFPI site under attack by Pirate Bay supporters (TorrentFreak)

BitTorrent trackers close en masse after Pirate Bay verdict (TorrentFreak)

Police will investigate leaked Pirate Bay verdict (TorrentFreak) (TorrentFreak)

Swedish Court finds Pirate Bay founders guilty of copyright infringement (Michael Geist) (Ars Technica) (TorrentFreak) (IPKat) (Laurence Kaye on Digital Media Law) (Managing Intellectual Property) (Managing Intellectual Property) (Edge Economy)

TorrentFreak TV: Pirate Bay trial special (TorrentFreak)

ISP Jon Karlung refusing to retain data on users (Ars Technica)


Domain name system in Turkey to be managed by Information and Communication Technologies Authority (Grup Ofis)

United States
US General – Decisions

Judge C Kollar-Kotelly extends Microsoft antitrust oversight to 2011 (Ars Technica) (Ars Technica)

US Patents – Decisions

Microsoft to pay $388M in damages to Australian inventor, Ric Richardson for infringement of anti-piracy software patent (Fastcase)

Patent Office issues preliminary ruling rejecting all 57 claims of software patent asserted by Blackboard against Desire3Learn (Michael Geist) (

US Patents – Lawsuits and strategic steps

Blackboard – Blackboard files new 337 complaint against Desire2Learn over importation of course management system software products (ITC 337 Law Blog)

CSIRO – CSIRO wins settlement of wifi patent case in US (

US Copyright

Biden to MPAA: you’ll like Obama’s pick for copyright czar (Ars Technica)

Obama Administration Lock(e)s and loads against movie piracy (Intellectual Property Watch)

Google Book Search/Authors Guild settlement gives Google virtual monopoly over literature (Boing Boing)

US government rules that use of proxies need not merit extra jail time (EFF)

Cory Doctorow at O’Reilly Tools of Change for Publishing Conference on why DRM on digital books is bad for customers, authors and business (EFF)

US Copyright – Decisions

District Court S D New York: 230 doesn’t pre-empt state IP claims: Atlantic Records v Project Playlist (Technology & Marketing Law Blog)

US Copyright – Lawsuits and strategic steps

Amazon – Discussion of Amazon’s ability to brick Kindle (Michael Geist)

Internet Archive – Internet Archive wants book copyright indemnity like Google (Ars Technica)

RIAA – Federal Circuit Court of Appeals denies bid by Prof Nesson and students defending Joel Tenenbaum to webcast entire case (Ars Technica) (Intellectual Property Watch)

US Trade Marks – Decisions

10th Circuit: eBay resales constitute trade mark infringement despite first sale doctrine: Beltronics v Midwest (Technology & Marketing Law Blog)

District Court District Arizona: Misappropriation claim dismissed: Certain Approval Programs, LLC v XCentric Ventures LLC (Technology & Marketing Law Blog)

Graeme Dinwoodie on Rescuecom v Google (Technology & Marketing Law Blog)

US Trade Marks – Lawsuits and strategic steps

Wikipedia – Wikipedia demands artists hand over domain name (EFF)


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