Online Global Week in Review 19 November 2010 from IP Think Tank

Here is Think IP Strategy’s weekly selection of top Online intellectual property news breaking in the blogosphere and internet.

Highlights this week included:

Senate Judiciary Committee approves COICA bill (Electronic Frontier Foundation) (Public Knowledge) (Digital Media Wire) (Ars Technica) (TorrentFreak) (Techdirt) (Ron Coleman’s Likelihood of Confusion) (ArsTechnica) (BlawgIT)

Amazon ‘1-click’ heads for the Canadian Federal Court of Appeal (Patentology) (

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Global – General

Free IP Think Tank iPhone App – new release (IP Think Tank)

Global – Copyright

Operation Payback – Anonymous IP manifesto (TechnoLlama) (TorrentFreak)

Copyright 2.0 show – Episode 174 including: Limewire halts file sharing activities; Networks block GoogleTV (PlagiarismToday)

PK In the Know podcast: interviews on 3D printing (Public Knowledge) (Public Knowledge)

Warner Bros. vows to prosecute Deathly Hallows leaker (ArsTechnica)

Global – Trade Marks & Domain Names sale for $13M completes; Previous purchase price was $11.5 million (The Domains)

ICANN new guidebook: Terrorists now ok: Domainers 3 Strikes, you’re out (The Domains)

Global – Patents

Software patents: Are they the real threat to the smart-phone industry? (IP Finance)

Rumour has it that Round Rock’s Micron purchase is reaping big rewards (IAM)


Amazon ‘1-click’ heads for the Canadian Federal Court of Appeal (Patentology) (

Responding to ACTRA: Group calls C-32 a ‘disaster’ and proposes six part fix (Michael Geist)

Moral Rights 2.0 (IPOsgoode)

Copyright fear mongering hits a new high: Writers groups post their C-32 brief (Michael Geist)

Lawful access bills would reshape internet in Canada (Michael Geist)

The Globe on how C-32 will affect Canadian culture (Michael Geist)

CPCC: Conservative Party ‘Hate people who make art’ (Michael Geist)

In search of a compromise on copyright (Michael Geist)

C-32 to be rushed through House Committee before Christmas? (Excess Copyright)

Bill C-32 Brief from the Canadian Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences (Excess Copyright)


Best of Google’s white paper: Censorship is hurting China’s economy (IP Dragon)


Google: Associations denounce the new AdWords policy in Europe (Class 46)

France one seriously contested nostalgic domain name (IPKat)


BGH decides in ‘’ case that football association must accept when video clips of amateur football games are made accessible via Internet (IPKat)


Three strikes and you’re out!!! – Three-strikes proposal by Piracy Committee (Spicy IP) (Techdirt)


Irish Government wants file-sharing compromise, or legislation will follow (TorrentFreak)

Latin America

Public Knowledge joins Latinos for internet freedom (Public Knowledge)


The Hague Court of Appeals: Usenet community not guilty of copyright infringement (TorrentFreak)


The Pirate Bay, one year after the tracker shut down (TorrentFreak)

United Kingdom

David’s fair use Silicon Valley dream (1709 Blog)

UK Court to review Digital Economy Act (Michael Geist)

From jaw-jaw to JR: TalkTalk, BT get judicial review of DigiBill (1709 Blog)

Suing blind and one legged pirates is bad PR – ACS:Law (TorrentFreak)

United States

US Patents – Decisions

District Court E D Texas: Another order limiting redaction of trial transcript: IP Innovation v. Red Hat (

US Patents – Lawsuits and strategic steps

Apple – ALJ Charneski grants in part HTC’s motion for leave to file supplemental notice of prior art in Certain Personal Data and Mobile Communications Devices (337-TA-710) (ITC Law Blog)

Google – Google gets patent on instant search (The Domains)

Overland Storage – Overland storage files new 337 complaint regarding Certain Automated Media Library Devices (ITC Law Blog)

Samsung – ALJ Charneski denies Spansion’s motion for summary determination regarding invalidity in Certain Flash Memory (337-TA-685) (ITC Law Blog)

Seer System – Patent Office to reissue narrowed version of patent on internet music files (Electronic Frontier Foundation)

STC-UNM – ALJ Rogers grants motion to terminate investigation as to Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. in Certain Semiconductor Products (337-TA-729) (ITC Law Blog)

US Copyright

Senate Judiciary Committee approves COICA bill (Public Knowledge) (Digital Media Wire) (Ars Technica) (TorrentFreak) (Techdirt)

Congress back to censoring the Internet (BlawgIT)

The case against COICA (Electronic Frontier Foundation)

COICA: Big IP supersizes it (Ron Coleman’s Likelihood of Confusion)

COICA Bill would nuke Visa cards, Adwords, DNS records for pirates (ArsTechnica)

LimeWire: Seriously, don’t blame us for new ‘Pirate Edition’ (ArsTechnica)

Reverse engineering the Kinect: The street starts to find uses for Microsoft’s new gaming device (Electronic Frontier Foundation)

Voldosta State University begins reporting all P2P users to the Police (TorrentFreak)

US Copyright – Decisions

District Court Nevada: Anti-bot restrictions aren’t copyright misuse: Oracle v. Rimini Street (Technology & Marketing Law Blog)

District Court E D California: Furniture retailer enjoined from sending eBay VeRO notices: Design Furnishings v. Zen Path (Technology & Marketing Law Blog)

US Copyright – Lawsuits and strategic steps

MP3Tunes – Public Knowledge, EFF, Consumer Electronic Association and Home Recording Rights Coalition ask court to throw out ‘radical approach’ to copyright enforcement: Capitol Records et al v MP3Tunes (Electronic Frontier Foundation) (Public Knowledge)

US Trade Marks & Domain Names – Decisions

9th Circuit expands scope of Anticybersquatting Consumer Protection Act: Cybersquatters may no longer use a domain name with a bad faith intent to profit from protected mark by holding domain name for ransom: DSPT Int’l, Inc. v. Nahum (IP Law Blog)

District Court S D New York: Amazon isn’t liable for rogue affiliate’s keyword ad buys: Sellify v. Amazon (Technology & Marketing Law Blog) (Rebecca Tushnet’s 43(B)log)

US Trade Marks & Domain Names – Lawsuits and strategic steps

Warren Weitzman – The Heebie Jeebies – Domain monetisation through click through traffic: Warren Weitzman v. Lead Networks Domains Pvt., Ltd (Property, intangible)

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