Online Global Week in Review 17 June 2011 from IP Think Tank

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Highlights this week included:

Supreme Court affirms high standard of proving patents invalid – Microsoft Corp. v. i4i Limited Partnership (Electronic Frontier Foundation) (Patent Arcade) (Patently-O)  (IPBiz) (IAM) (IPBiz) (Patentology) (ipwars) (Patents Post Grant) (The Prior Art) (Patent Docs) (IPKat) (PatLit) (IPblog) (Patently Biotech) (Maier & Maier) (IPBiz) (Patent Law Practice Center) (Inventive Step)

District Court Nevada: Copyright troll Righthaven has no standing to sue : Righthaven v. Democratic Underground (ArsTechnica) (Technology & Marketing Law Blog) (Electronic Frontier Foundation) (IP Watch) (Likelihood of Confusion) (Property Intangible)

UN report says Internet three strikes laws violate international law (Michael Geist) (ArsTechnica) (TorrentFreak) (Spicy IP) (IP Watch)


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Global – General

The Groupon IPO: Where does IP fit in? (IP finance)

Trade secrets-the new black? (Tangible IP)


Global – Copyright

UN report says Internet three strikes laws violate international law (Michael Geist) (ArsTechnica) (TorrentFreak) (Spicy IP) (IP Watch)

Recording industry steps back from piracy disconnections (TorrentFreak)

US, NZ, Sweden, others condemn “three strikes” Internet laws (ArsTechnica)

Copyright 2.0 Show – Episode 198: Apple Announces iCloud and iTunes Match (Plagiarism Today)

File-sharing traffic predicted to double by 2015 (TorrentFreak)

Google expands piracy-related keyword filter (TorrentFreak)

What iCloud and music match mean for the piracy fight (PlagiarismToday)

Helping make Prof. Lessig’s case for him – iCloud (ipwars)

Apple in the Cloud – Apple’s Cloud services are promising, but we still want a freedom of choice button (IPKat) (Electronic Frontier Foundation)

Is YouTube killing music piracy? (TorrentFreak)


Global – Trade Marks & Domain Names

No, ICE didn’t seize your domain; you’ve just been punked (ArsTechnica)

ICANN development 2: Are you up for [.anything]? (IP Whiteboard)

ICANN development 1: The [.xxx] Factor (IP Whiteboard)


Global – Patents

Nokia buries patent hatchet with Apple to help fund Windows Phone 7 switch (ArsTechnica) (PatLit) (Tangible IP)

Patent licensing fees modest in total cost of ownership for cellular (IP finance)



WIPO Director General announces Rights Registry Project for West African States (WIPO) (Afro-IP)



Aussie anti-piracy group backflips on 3 strikes backflip (TorrentFreak) (Michael Geist)

Federal Court revokes undefended patent: Huawei Technologies Company Ltd v Al Amri (Patentology)



SOCAN seeks millions from YouTube, Facebook, Netflix, Apple & Sony in interim online music tariff (Michael Geist)

Now SOCAN seeks interim internet tariff. Who’s next? Will CPCC seek interim tariff for its proposed ‘Memory Tax’? (Excess Copyright)

Ontario Court of Appeal opines on technology licences in receivership case: Canrock Ventures LLC v. Ambercore Software Inc. and Terrapoint Canada (2008) Inc. (IP Osgoode)

Copyright pressure points: What next for Canadian Copyright (Michael Geist)

Canadian rules rain on cloud music parade: Why new services unlikely to come to Canada anytime soon (Michael Geist)

Cabinet Minister mandate letters for The Digital Era (Michael Geist)

Access Copyright compares itself to Government tax collector & rewrites copyright & competition law principles (Excess Copyright) (Excess Copyright)

‘A gross abuse of the Collective Administration of Copyright’ (Michael Geist)

Nortel patent auction – now the Feds get involved! (IAM)



IP peer pressure: Alibaba’s ban on optical discs (China Hearsay)



Europe will be the first target for major IP advocacy initiative (IAM)

EU proposal seeks to make orphan works available online (IP Osgoode)

Licensees, third parties and the Software Directive: a reader asks … (1709 Blog)

An opinion about an opinion – what’s your opinion? Premier League v QC Leisure (jiplp) raided in massive police operation, admins arrested (TorrentFreak) (TorrentFreak)



‘Torrent’ becomes a dirty word as site admin fined $29,000 (TorrentFreak)



Camcorder piracy epidemic forces studios to delay screenings (TorrentFreak)



Guest Post: German-published computer programme keeps copyright in India (Spicy IP)



Pirate Bay, MegaUpload & others blocked by government order (TorrentFreak)


New Zealand

Stakeholders say ‘no’ to NZ computer program exclusion (Patentology)



Spain arrests 3 Anons for Sony, bank hacks; AnonOps vows revenge (ArsTechnica)



Taiwan amends Trademark Act – penalties for listing counterfeit merchandise online (IP Dragon)


United Kingdom

UK response to file-sharing is still in trouble – but should it be? (IPKat)

Anti-piracy lawyers found guilty of professional misconduct (TorrentFreak)

‘Litigation avoidance’ or ammunition for a duck-hunt? Crowdsourcing commercialised (IPKat)

P2P (seminar): the aftermath (IPKat)

Hargreaves Review (Kluwer Patent Blog)


United States

US Patents

Microsoft joins Article One’s new preemptive troll-fighting service (The Prior Art)


US Patents – Decisions

Supreme Court affirms high standard of proving patents invalid – Microsoft Corp. v. i4i Limited Partnership (Electronic Frontier Foundation) (Patent Arcade) (Patently-O)  (IPBiz) (IAM) (IPBiz) (Patentology) (ipwars) (Patents Post Grant) (The Prior Art) (Patent Docs) (IPKat) (PatLit) (IPblog) (Patently Biotech) (Maier & Maier) (IPBiz) (Patent Law Practice Center) (Inventive Step) (ArsTechnica)

CAFC grants en banc review: McKesson Technologies Inc. v. Epic Systems Corp. (Patent Docs) (Patently-O)

CAFC affirms section 337 violation in MemsTech appeal (2010-1018) (ITC Law Blog)

District Court Delaware: Except for ‘truly regional defendants’, considering location of witnesses and discovery in venue analysis is ‘outdated, irrelevant, and should be give’: XPRT Ventures, LLC v. eBay Inc., et. al. (Docket Report)

District Court Delaware: Insurance claims processing patents declared invalid under Bilski: Accenture Global Services GmbH, et. al. v. Guidewire Software Inc. (Docket Report)

District Court New Mexico: Non-practicing plaintiff may not obtain discovery concerning future products under ‘Accelerated market entry’ damages theory: STC.UNM v. Intel Corporation (Docket Report)

District Court S D Texas: Earlier declaratory judgment claim does not dictate forum for later infringement action based on the same patents and accused products: ClearCorrect, Inc. v. Align Technology, Inc. (Docket Report)

ITC issues public version of opinion reversing remand initial determination and finding no violation in Certain Connecting Devices (337-TA-587) (ITC Law Blog)


US Patents – Lawsuits and strategic steps

BigMachines – Defendant required to install integrated development environments on stand-alone computer used to review source code: SFA Systems, LLC v. BigMachines, Inc., et. al. (Docket Report)

Cypress Semiconductor – Cypress Semiconductor files new 337 complaint regarding Certain Static Random Access Memories (ITC Law Blog) (ITC 337 Update)

Freescale – ALJ Luckern issues public version of initial determination in Certain Integrated Circuits (337-TA-709) (ITC Law Blog) (ITC Law Blog)

Google – Oracle v. Google: 50% royalty rate? (PatLit)

Honeywell – Honeywell files new 337 complaint regarding Certain GPS Navigation Products (ITC Law Blog)

Internet Machines – Motion to transfer patent case from Tyler denied: Internet Machines LLC v. Alienware Corporation, et. al (

Leviton – ALJ Bullock denies motions to compel discovery in Certain Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (337-TA-739) (ITC Law Blog)

Linex Technologies – ALJ Bullock sets target date in Certain Wireless Communication Devices and Systems (337-TA-775) (ITC Law Blog)

Linex Technologies – ITC institutes investigation (337-TA-775) regarding Certain Wireless Communication Devices and Systems (ITC Law Blog) (ITC 337 Update)

Lodsys – App backwards: Lodsys, Texas troll, targeted in patent suit filed by ForeSee Results (The Prior Art)

Lodsys – Apple steps into Lodsys litigation (Electronic Frontier Foundation) (ArsTechnica)

Microsoft – ALJ Essex sets target date in Certain Handheld Electronic Computing Devices (337-TA-769) (ITC Law Blog)

Nortel – Apple, Google bids on Nortel patents getting antitrust scrutiny (ArsTechnica) (IAM)

Ogma – ALJ Gildea stays deadlines for ViewSonic in Motion-Sensitive Sound Effects Devices investigation (ITC 337 Update) (ITC 337 Update) (WHDA)

Ogma files new 337 complaint regarding Certain Motion-Sensitive Sound Effects Devices and Image Display Devices (ITC Law Blog)

OSRAM – OSRAM files new 337 complaint regarding Certain Light-Emitting Diodes (ITC Law Blog) (ITC 337 Update)

Overland – ALJ Bullock grants motion to disqualify expert in Certain Automated Media Library Devices (337-TA-746) (ITC Law Blog)

Rambus – ALJ Essex denies motion to stay pending Federal Circuit appeal in Certain Semiconductor Chips (337-TA-753) (ITC Law Blog)

Samsung – Samsung files new 337 complaint regarding Certain Liquid Crystal Display Devices (ITC Law Blog)

Skype – Skype-for sale and ripe for a troll suit (Tangible IP)

Trek 2000 International – New complaint filed covering USB Storage Devices (ITC 337 Update)

Uniloc – Special status conference indicates no need for new procedures in Uniloc cases – not a ‘Hobson’s Choice’: Uniloc USA, Inc. v. Sony, et al (


US Copyright

File-sharers an easy prey to anti-piracy lawyers (TorrentFreak)

Copyright Office joins in: let’s make illegal streaming a felony (ArsTechnica)

The anatomy of a BitTorrent piracy settlement (TorrentFreak)

Stealing ‘entertainment services’ now a crime in Tennessee (ArsTechnica)

The 2011 Republican plan for tech: spectrum, security, copyright (ArsTechnica)


US Copyright – Decisions

District Court Nevada: Copyright troll Righthaven has no standing to sue : Righthaven v. Democratic Underground (ArsTechnica) (Technology & Marketing Law Blog) (Electronic Frontier Foundation) (IP Watch) (Likelihood of Confusion) (Property Intangible)

District Court S D California fines Canadian BitTorrent user $60,000: Liberty Media v Quynn Alan Phillips (TorrentFreak)


US Copyright – Lawsuits and strategic steps

FunnyJunk – The Oatmeal vs. FunnyJunk: webcomic copyright fight gets personal (ArsTechnica)

O’Dwyer, Richard – TVShack admin fights extradition to U.S. on movie piracy charges (TorrentFreak)

US Copyright Group – Judge furious at ‘inexcusable’ P2P lawyering, nukes subpoenas (ArsTechnica)

West Coast Productions – Court deals blow to anonymous Bittorrent defendants’ efforts to challenge subpoenas: West Coast Productions v. Does 1 (Internet Cases)


US Trade Marks & Domain Names – Decisions

District Court S D Florida: Advertiser fails in suit against trademark owner over Google trademark complaint: Pandora Jewelers v. Pandora Jewelry (Technology & Marketing Law Blog)

TTAB sustains GAME BOY v. FLASHBOY opposition: Likelihood of confusion and lack of bona fide intent (TTABlog)

TTAB finds RADIO-INFO.COM to be generic for … Guess what? (TTABlog)

Wisconsin Circuit Court: Buying personal names for keyword ads isn’t a publicity rights violation: Habush v. Cannon (Technology & Marketing Law Blog)


US Trade Marks & Domain Names – Lawsuits and strategic steps

Apple – iCloud Communications files suit against Apple over use of iCloud mark (IPKat) (ArsTechnica)

Coventry First – Trademark owner sues over alleged Twittersquatting: Coventry First, LLC v. Does (Technology & Marketing Law Blog) – Streaming site rolls out lawyers to fight domain seizure – Rojadirecta (TorrentFreak) (ArsTechnica) (Electronic Frontier Foundation)

Scooter Store – Court allows discovery of competitor’s keyword purchases: Scooter Store, Inc. v. (Internet Cases)

The Learning Company – The Learning Company sues Zynga for use of ‘Oregon Trail’: The Learning Company v. Zynga Inc. (Patent Arcade)

Wimo Labs – Ke$ha wound up over use of the term ‘Tik Tok’: Ke$ha v. Wimo Labs (IP Whiteboard)

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