Online Global Week in Review 12 November 2010 from IP Think Tank

Here is Think IP Strategy’s weekly selection of top Online intellectual property news breaking in the blogosphere and internet.

Highlights this week included:

UK – Independent review of the IP system launched (IPKat) (Michael Geist) (Laurence Kaye on Digital Media Law)

Thomas-Rasset damage award: The strange, unpredictable world of copyright damages (Electronic Frontier Foundation) (TorrentFreak) (Recording Industry vs People) (Recording Industry vs People) (ArsTechnica)

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Global – Copyright

ACTA conclusion nears with ‘technical round’ set for late November (Michael Geist)

Copying text off the net is not cool…or legal (Innovationpartners)

Lessig calls for WIPO to lead overhaul of copyright system (IP Watch)

Why sue when you can use social media? – Dispute between Monica Gaudio and Judith Griggs over cooking article (TechnoLlama)


Groggle for Google – Google enters into settlement agreement to stop Groggle alcohol price comparison website (IP finance)


Anti-piracy group seeks ISP level block of movie streaming portal (TorrentFreak)


New .br dispute resolution bypasses the courts (IP tango)


Writers Guild of Canada on Digital Locks in C-32 (Michael Geist)

The US influence on Bill C-32 hits House of Commons debate (Michael Geist)

Opposition responses to C-32’s Digital lock rules – The Video (Michael Geist)

Nair on Fair Dealing (Michael Geist)

Querulous quote of the day re Bill C-32 re ‘capacity of the Conservative party to hate people who make art’ (Excess Copyright)

Canadian Copyright Bill (IPblog)


Apple vs. Proview and the problem with trademark families (China Hearsay)

SOSFakeFlash cannot forget: ‘Fighting toward a fake flash drive free world’ (IP Dragon)

Film Work collective copyright management use fee transfer payment rules (IP Dragon)


EU: ACTA digital lock rules don’t cover access controls (Michael Geist)

The answer is right in front of you – European Publishers Council ‘The answer to the machine is the machine’ – Internet copyright management (1709 Blog)

Europe prepares to overhaul ‘dysfunctional’ copyright system (IAM)

European Commissioner lambasts ‘copyright middlemen’ (TorrentFreak)

IP meets IP, as Bonnier questions hit the CJEU: Bonnier Audio AB, Earbooks AB, Norstedts Förlagsgrupp AB, Piratförlaget Aktiebolag, Storyside AB v Perfect Communication Sweden AB (1709 Blog)

New Zealand

New Zealand P2P proposal: guilty until proven innocent (ArsTechnica)


First jail sentence for Romanian BitTorrent site operator (TorrentFreak)


WordPress blocks blog following DMCA takedown ‘comment’ (TorrentFreak)

Should you send a DMCA notice via a comment form? (PlagiarismToday)


Man fined for publishing links to legal sports broadcast (TorrentFreak)

United Kingdom

Prime Minister: UK needs US-style fair use to spur innovation (ArsTechnica) (Excess Copyright)

Independent review of the IP system launched (IPKat) (Michael Geist) (Laurence Kaye on Digital Media Law)

UK government says software patents should be easier to obtain (IAM)

New UK government IP review must ask the right questions (IAM)

Ministry of Sound gives up P2P claims (TechnoLlama)

United States

US General

App Law Update – Part 2: Breach of GPL (IPblog)

FTC’s first Chief Technologist: DRM basher Ed Felten (ArsTechnica) (Electronic Frontier Foundation)

Live from the Future: Preventing intellectual property law from screwing up 3D printing (Public Knowledge) (Public Knowledge) (Public Knowledge)

US Patents – Decisions

Finjan hoses WebWasher at CAFC – Plaintiff wins device claims, loses on method claims: Finjan Software v Secure Computing (IPBiz)

District Court N D California: Unbridled ‘optimization’ term in software patent claim leads to finding of indefiniteness: Data Retrieval Technology LLC et al. v. Sybase, Inc. et al (271 Patent Blog) (Docket Report)

District Court Delaware : Judgment of nonobviousness does not collaterally estop later assertion of anticipation defense involving the same patents and prior art: Power Integrations Inc. v. Fairchild Semiconductor International Inc. (Docket Report)

District Court S D Florida – Internet Radio Services do not infringe method claims requiring performance of steps by different parties not under common control: Zamora Radio, LLC v. Last.FM, Ltd., et. al. (Docket Report)

US Patents – Lawsuits and strategic steps

AOL – Patent reexamination games not tolerated in Texas court: Beneficial Innovations v AOL (Patents Post Grant Blog)

Apple – ALJ Bullock issues orders on evidentiary motions in Certain Mobile Communications and Computer Devices (337-TA-704) involving Apple and Nokia (ITC Law Blog)

Apple – ALJ Gildea denies Apple’s motion to compel in Certain Electronic Devices (337-TA-701) (ITC Law Blog)

Cross Match Technologies – Chief ALJ Luckern grants motion to amend complaint in Inv. No. 337-TA-720 0 – Certain Biometric Scanning Devices, Components Thereof, Associated Software, and Products Containing the Same (ITC 337 Update)

Microsoft – Microsoft wins mandamus at the CAFC: Allvoice suit headed to Washington State (Washington State Patent Law Blog)

Motorola – ITC institutes investigation (337-TA-745) regarding Certain Wireless Communication Devices, Portable Music and Data Processing Devices against Apple (ITC Law Blog)

Rembrandt – Patent lawsuit: ‘majority’ of Seagate, WD drives infringing (ArsTechnica)

RIM – ALJ Luckern denies RIM’s motion for summary determination that Kodak failed technical prong of domestic industry requirement and non-infringement in Certain Mobile Telephones And Wireless Communication Devices Featuring Digital Cameras (337-TA-703) (ITC Law Blog)

STC.UNM – Complainant moves to partially terminate 337-TA-729 based on consent order (ITC 337 Update)

US Copyright

Limewire resurrected by secret dev team… ‘Limewire Pirate Edition’ (TorrentFreak) (1709 Blog) (ArsTechnica)

$42 German P2P fine stark contrast to seven-figure US judgments (ArsTechnica)

World’s most ‘notorious’ piracy market: the Internet (ArsTechnica)

RIAA reports torrent sites, RapidShare and RLSLOG to US Government (TorrentFreak)

MPAA lists major torrent, usenet and hosting sites in submission to U.S. Government (TorrentFreak)

A new record: 9,729 P2P porn pushers sued at once (ArsTechnica)

US Copyright – Decisions

Thomas-Rasset damage award: The strange, unpredictable world of copyright damages (Electronic Frontier Foundation) (TorrentFreak) (Recording Industry vs People) (Recording Industry vs People)

District Court E D California orders company to stop sending bogus DMCA notices to eBay: Design Furnishings, Inc. v. Zen Path LLC (Internet Cases)

US Trade Marks & Domain Names – Decisions

9th Circuit: Holding on to a domain name to gain leverage in a business dispute can constitute cybersquatting: DSPT Int’l v. Nahum (Technology & Marketing Law Blog)

District Court Nevada: Online forum operator gets easy 47 USC 230 Win: Two Plus Two v. Jacknames (Technology & Marketing Law Blog)

US Trade Marks & Domain Names – Lawsuits and strategic steps

Agence France-Presse – Twitter clarifies usage rules, but AFP still claims unbridled right to use content posted to ‘Twitter/TwitPic’ – Agence France-Presse v Morel (Technology & Marketing Law Blog)

Facebook – The latest Facebook trademark dispute – Lamebook (Las Vegas Trademark Attorney)

Rapidshare – takes out, but loses lead (TorrentFreak)

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