New Article – IP issues are business issues

This most recent article features an interview with IP Legend Jeremy Phillips.

Search the
internet for “Jeremy Phillips” and you will find out that he is an intellectual
property consultant; author, lecturer and commentator on patents, trade marks,
copyrights and most contemporary issues involving intellectual property rights.
Those who don’t know him would very quickly get the strong impression that he’s
been fairly busy in the world of IP during his 50-something years on the

Here are some of the issues we discussed, so please do read the article and post your comments or any further questions for Jeremy back here at the blog:

  1. If
    you hadn’t been an IP lawyer what would you have been?
  2. Who would you say has been the greatest influence in your IP
    work and why?
  3. What would you say is the one
    intellectual property issue that you think successful companies must do
    incredibly well?
  4. Some say that IP will gradually be taken
    over by open source and creative commons, which are based on shared benefits
    rather than monopolies – do you agree?
  5. If you could change one thing in the world
    of IP what would it be?
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