My Boomerang Won’t Come Back

As my son Max’s Principal joked before yesterday’s school musical, when you throw a boomerang and it doesn’t come back it’s just a stick. It seems that way with blogging sometimes too. You throw a blog out there into cyberspace with, what you think is, an important message or insight, and then wait for the comments to fly back at you. But they don’t come. Rather than an engaging discussion, it can feel like you’re using the blog as a stick to try to force people to yield to your point of view. Not the intention, of course, and those of you who regularly read our blog may heartily disagree. Indeed, people we have a chance to speak to who are avid readers of the blog often say how much they enjoy the blog posts. Nevertheless, blogging can seem like a very solitary experience at times, and some of our blogs (probably mine in particular) may appear a little “preachy” on occasion. 

It would be great to hear YOUR thoughts on IP Strategy. What do YOU think are the major IP challenges you, your company, your industry faces? What’s really bugging you at the moment? What barriers and roadblocks are YOU trying to clear to develop and implement a cohesive IP strategy? Etc. Etc.  Here’s YOUR chance to set the tone of the conversation. Throw your boomerangs and we’ll be sure to get them back to you with our added thoughts.

Image credit: The Travelling Bum

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