Lipitor (Zarator or Cardyl) in Spain – mixed success but no launch for Ranbaxy

In an update to the Lipitor Scorecard – mixed success for Ranbaxy in Spain today, but no ealier launch.  

(This comes after Ranbaxy’s recent success and launch in Norway.)

The Commercial Court of First Instance Number 4 in Barcelona, has upheld the enantiomer
patent covering the calcium salt of atorvastatin.

Stabilized formulation patent for atorvastatin held invalid.

(Lipitor is sold in Spain under the brands Zarator and Cardyl.)

Pfizer’s press release states that this is the fourth in a series of challenges to the calcium salt patent
by generic companies in Spain. The patent was upheld in one of three previous
cases and found invalid in two others. All of the previous decisions are
currently on appeal.

The calcium salt patent expires in July 2010 and the stabilized formulation
patent expires in December 2013.

Ranbaxy can appeal the decision, but as far as I am aware, they haven’t commented as to whether they will.

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