Last chance to patent your patent valuation method

ISO is currently assessing global support for development of a global standard for patent valuation (See IAM, and last week’s IP Think Tank Global Week in Review).

So, if you’re in the business of patent valuation with a new, patentable method, then get your application in quick before ISO gets to work.

As Joff Wild points out at IAM-Magazine, many people will be happy to see a new standard created, though others, particularly those who have their own current proprietary method, will not. The trick for those willing to file patent applications is to have their methodology incorporated into the standard in some way. This has been lucrative for some companies, but controversial to say the least for others.

Of course, those engaged in the process to develop the standard should take heed of the anti-trust litigation over participation by patentees in standards setting organisations which has embroiled Rambus for some years.

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