Joining the team at Think IP Strategy, 200 years 200 countries 4 minutes and beyond

So day one, hour one, minute one of officially starting at Think IP Strategy, I logged in to the company network and FOOM!!!…5 conversations started all at once on several different continents and through several different communications mediums.

No gentle ramp up off of the runway, this was straight catapult, now we are flying.  I am fully moving, working within the small borderless company called Think IP Strategy that has common work areas in cyberspace and personal face-to-face contact with clients all over the world.

Think IP Strategy is an intellectual property (IP) strategy consulting firm.  As a member of the team, I believe we could just as well consult on how to be ever present with clients and colleagues wherever they reside while working up to 12,ooo miles away.  And then, I realize that we do just that.  IP management has embraced the borderless way of business, led by IP pioneers of the global age like Microsoft, GE, and Nokia.  Other companies, large and small, have followed and sometimes taken the lead, outpacing their competition.

This environment is where I spend my time.

Organized ambiguity rules the day where companies without borders manage the many laws and standards of enforceability brought about by IP systems that still are all about borders, and where other companies within this system can be customers, partners, and competitors at the same time.

I am enjoying a front row seat at global change.  Watch this short shown by Swedish academic superstar Hans Rosling…200 countries, 200 years, in four minutes, and think about it from an IP perspective.

What does this change look like from your point of view?

How are you handling it?

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