IP Thinktank Events – 8 September 2008

Here is IP Thinktank’s weekly selection of top intellectual property events reported in the blogosphere and internet.

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15-16 September: UniForum & SAIIPL domain name ADR workshop – Centurion (South Africa): (Afro-IP),

15-16 September: US ACI 10th advanced forum on biotech patents – Boston: (Generic Pharmaceuticals & IP), (Patent Docs), (Orange Book Blog),

15-17 September: EuropaBio ‘European Forum for Industrial Biotechnology’ – Brussels: (IPR-Helpdesk),

16 September: Brand Finance Forum (Dominic Hickman speaking on establishing a brand holding and management company) – London: (Rouse & Co International),

16-19 September: 22nd MARQUES annual conference – Noordwijk: (IPKat),

17 September: K & L Gates webinar on ‘Strategies for dealing with obviousness rejections by the PTO in the aftermath of KSR’: (Patent Prospector),

21-23 September: Intellectual Property Owners Association 2008 annual meeting – San Diego: (Patent Docs),

22-23 September: 2008 World Stem cell Summit – Madison: (Patent Docs),

22-23 September: US: ACI FDA boot camp conference – Boston: (Patent Docs), (FDA Law Blog),

22-23 September: ACI USPTO boot camp: patent edition conference – Alexandria: (Patent Docs),

22-23 September / 6-7 October / 23-24 October / 10-11 November / 17-18 November: PLI patent litigation 2008 seminar – San Francisco / McLean / Chicago / Atlanta / New York: (Patent Docs),

22-26 September: Africa Biotechnology Stakeholders Forum 1st Congress – Nairobi: (Afro-IP)

23 September: CLT 3rd annual IP law and the fashion industry conference – London: (CLT), (IPKat), (Rouse & Co International),

23-24 September: C5 ‘Biotech patenting’ conference – London: (Orange Book Blog), (Patent Docs),

24 September: 2008 INTA/WIPO international forum on trade marks and industrial designs – Brussels: (INTA),

25 September: BIA annual bioscience forum – London: (The SPC Blog),

28-29 September: C5 pharma/biotech IP due diligence conference – Amsterdam: (Patent Docs),

1-3 October: University of Helsinki ‘One right system for IP – vision impossible’: (IPKat),

1-2 October: Brand Licensing Europe 2008 – London: (Class 46),

7-8 October: ACI global patent litigation conference – New York: (Patent Docs),

15 October: IncreMental Advantage conference on the roles and responsibilities of the Chief Intellectual Property Officer – New York: (Philip Brooks),

15-16 October: ACI 9th annual maximising pharmaceutical patent life cycles – New York: (Patent Baristas), (Patent Docs),

15-16 October: Center for Business Intelligence ‘Pharmaceutical Congress on paragraph IV disputes’ – Philadelphia: (Patent Docs), (Philip Brooks), (FDA Law Blog),

15-16 October: 5th European forum on eco-innovation – Budapest: (IPR-Helpdesk),

20-21 October: PLI seminar on understanding the IP license 2008 – Chicago, New York: (Philip Brooks),

23-24 October: WIPO advanced workshop on domain name dispute resolution – Geneva: (WIPO), (IPR-Helpdesk),

23-28 October: EPO patent information conference – Stockholm: (EPO),

28-29 October: C5 pharma/biotech IP due diligence conference – Amsterdam: (Patent Docs),

28-30 October: Swedish Patent Office and European Patent Office ‘Patent information conference 2008’ – Stockholm: (IPR-Helpdesk)

29-30 October: Ocean Tomo Fall IP auction and conference – Chicago: (IP finance),

29 September – 2 October: IRPI conference on ‘Valorisation of innovation: practice and problems of licensing’ – Paris: (IPR-Helpdesk),

30 October: IBC Informa seminar on intangible assets: maximising shareholder value – London: (IIR),

30-31 October: Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys annual congress – London: (CIPA),

10-11 November: PLI conference ‘Patent litigation 2008’ – Atlanta: (Patent Docs),

11 November: UCL Institute of Brad and Innovation Law seminar on ‘Patent enforcement – problems and possibilities’ – London: (IPKat), (Hal Wegner),

12-14 November: ACI 11th advanced forum on structuring, negotiating and managing pharma/biotech collaborative agreements – New York: (Patent Docs),

19-20 November: ACI conference on business methods patents – New York: (Patent Baristas),

19-20 November: ACI Paragraph IV on trial conference – New York: (Patent Docs),

17-18 November: ACI intensive course on pharmaceutical and biotech patent opinion writing – Boston: (Patent Baristas),

17-18 November: PLI conference ‘Patent litigation 2008’ – New York: (Patent Docs),

19-20 November: ACI conference ‘Paragraph IV on trial’ – New York: (Patent Docs),

24-26 November: National Institute for Science Communication and Information Resources (NISCAIR) ‘National conference on traditional knowledge systems, intellectual property rights and their relevance for sustainable development’ – New Delhi: (Spicy IP),

26 November: CLT conference on copying without infringing – London: (IPKat), (IPKat),

4-5 December: 3rd pan-European IP Summit – Brussels: (Brussels IP Summit),

8-9 December: ACI intensive course on pharmaceutical and biotech patent opinion writing – Atlanta: (Patent Baristas),

15-16 December: PLI seminar on understanding the IP license 2008 (with live webcast) – San Francisco: (Philip Brooks)

12-13 January 2009: ACI intensive course on pharmaceutical and biotech patent opinion writing – San Diego: (Patent Baristas)


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