IP Think Tank's top content for 2011

Here are our five most popular posts for 2011, as always we’d love your feedback.

  1. our list of top IP mistakes and how to avoid them;
  2. the blind cave fish and the art of culling the IP portfolio;
  3. we have met the enemy and he is us;
  4. the difference between a strategy, a plan and a process; and
  5. China’s national development strategy

(Robert has been a huge contributor to our blog this year, and you can see that reflected in the number of his posts in the top 5.  Thanks Robert!)

In case you were wondering, our five most popular pages for 2011 were:

  1. Our team page;
  2. The blog homepage;
  3. Our work;
  4. Our contact details;  (I think some of you may have been looking for the Where we are page, though)…
  5. Our services page;

Incidentally, all but one of them ranked higher than any single blog post.

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