IP Think Tank Top Fives

A couple of days ago
I took the opportunity to thank you for supporting and contributing to this
blog. It has been a very productive last few months
and much interest and enthusiasm has been generated by the ideas presented here.
It would be quite difficult to summarize them all and so I thought I would make
the task simpler by presenting to you a selection of IP Thinktank
Top Fives.  Thank you for making these
posts so successful.

Pharmaceutical Lifecycle Management
& IP acquisitions

This post presents some observations on recent
developments in the area of IP acquisitions. Survier’s
recent strategy reinforces how acquiring third party intellectual property can be an effective means to enhance one’s monopoly.   

Global IP Strategy – can you keep

The rate at which US
patent applications have been published has grown dramatically since 1836.  But it is in the last 5 years that most
changes have been witnessed in the IP space.  

A new era for intellectual property

Sears and David Bowie provide the context within which
IP securitisation is discussed. But the issue that is
raised concerns the difficulty of assigning value to IP securities.    

China Labour Law and IP

A brief discussion on the codification of the Labour Contract Law of China and the challenges it poses for
companies with a global presence.

Patent interim injunctions, clearing
the way and patent strategy

Whether or not to ‘clear the way’ for a new product launch is always an important consideration.


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