IP Think Tank Global Week in Review, Online Edition – Friday, 28 November 2008

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Highlights this week included:

Canadian regulators ok Bell Canada’s P2P throttling (Content Agenda) (Michael Geist) (Excess Copyright) (Techdirt) (Michael Geist)

Danish High Court upholds ruling that ISP Tele2 should block The Pirate Bay (Techdirt) (TorrentFreak) (Innovationpartners)



Global – General

Second Ubuntu free culture showcase (Creative Commons)


Global – Copyright

Why YouTube should support Creative Commons now (FactoryCity)

Concerns over Google Library Project settlement (Laurence Kaye on Digital Media Law) (Intellectual Property Watch) (Technology & Marketing Law Blog)

Guide to creative commons media for videographers (Creative Commons)

The growing hybrid business of music sharing (Creative Commons)

Now for something completely different – Monty Python to stop attempts to remove illegally uploaded videos on YouTube, instead signing up to the site’s Video ID system (Content Agenda)

Developing decent digital distribution solutions (Ip’s What’s Up)

Apple downgrades Macbook video with DRM (EFF)


Global – Trade Marks

Brand owners urge caution on new top-level internet domain names (Intellectual Property Watch)

WIPO rules in favour of reseller’s right to use trademark as domain name: ITT Manufacturing Enterprises, Inc, ITT Corp v Douglas Nicoll, Differential Pressure Instruments, Inc (Spicy IP)


Global – Patents

Move Networks thinks it has a pretty solid lock on adaptive streaming IP (Content Agenda)



Opinion and analysis of film and television studios’ copyright infringement action iiNet (IPRoo), (ZDNet Australia), (LawFont) (Ars Technica) (ZDNet Australia)



Canadian regulators ok Bell Canada’s P2P throttling (Content Agenda) (Michael Geist) (Excess Copyright) (Techdirt) (Michael Geist)

Exclaim on the Canadian music business in 2008 (Michael Geist)

Michael Geist speaks about copyright for EdTech Posse podcast (Michael Geist)

eBay ‘PowerSeller’ data is ‘both here and there’ (Excess Copyright)



Danish High Court upholds ruling that ISP Tele2 should block The Pirate Bay (Techdirt) (TorrentFreak) (Innovationpartners)



European ICT standards-setting not the job of governments, says new group (IAM)

Should the EU rethink copyright law for the digital music age? (Intellectual Property Watch)

EU Council on Education, Youth and Culture blocks French effort to write "three strikes" style penalties into its conclusions on distributing online content (Ars Technica)

Three strikes rule may sneak into EU law, despite earlier rejection (Techdirt)

Europeana – Did the EU actually do something right in its efforts to fight Google dominance? (Techdirt)



Chinese developer sentenced to three years in jail for copyright infringement for creating QQ add-on (Techdirt



Mattel files appeal in Scrabulous matter Jaitley v Singhvi again (Spicy IP)



Google to pay Japanese Society for Rights of Authors, Composers and Publishers (JASRAC) for music on YouTube (Content Agenda)



Court orders YouTube to remove content belonging to Telecinco (International Law Office)


United Kingdom

Copyright not a welfare system for musicians – copyright extension in the UK (Techdirt)

Atari cancels anti-piracy campaign against alleged file-sharers after mistakenly accusing elderly couple of game piracy (TorrentFreak)


United States

US – Copyright

Apple sends DMCA ‘cease and desist’ email to bluwiki demanding removal of postings regarding how to write software that can sync media to iPhone and iPod Touch (Techdirt)

YouTube getting ready to settle $1 billion copyright infringement lawsuit brought by Viacom? (Content Agenda)

MPAA effectively shuts down largest fan edit movie site (Techdirt)

Final judgment: SCO owes Novell millions (plus interest) (Ars Technica)

Coupons, Inc drops DMCA lawsuit against coupon hacker (Ars Technica) (Techdirt)

McCain responds to Jackson Browne lawsuit (Techdirt)

Judge quashes subpoenas where Boston University could not identify John Does ‘to reasonable degree of technical certainty: London Sire Records v Does 1-4 (Recording Industry vs The People) (Ars Technica)

RIAA sued for racketeering yet again (Techdirt)

Elektra Entertainment v Torres and Maverick Recording v Chowhury, two Brooklyn cases against Queens residents, settled (Recording Industry vs The People)

Email string between Prof Neeson and Timothy Reynolds concerning Sony BMG Music v Tenenbaum (Recording Industry vs The People)

Discussion of Sony BMG Music v Tenenbaum (Copyfight)

Google no longer Silicon Valley’s legal defender (Techdirt)


US – Trade Marks

First-to-file rule convinces District Court to transfer cybersquatting case: eNom, Inc v Philbrick (Seattle Trademark Lawyer)

Blockshopper request to dismiss Jones Day lawsuit denied (Technology & Marketing Law Blog)

More than 1 in 10 US internet searches for leading brands end up clicking away from brand owner’s website according to Hitwise research (The Trademark Blog)


US – Patents

Leader Technologies files suit accusing Facebook of infringing its patent related to management and storage of electronic information (Law360) (Patently-O)

Zilka & Kotab, aka Aloft Media, files patent lawsuit against Google’s Chrome browser; the latest of many (The Prior Art)

Betterphoto.com latest to settle patent infringement claims brought by FotoMedia over online process allowing users to upload and share photos (Law360)

Move Inc wins verdict of invalidity and noninfringement in patent case alleging its website infringed technology related to information-processing system for real estate (Law360)



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