IP Think Tank Global Week in Review – 7 December 2007

Here is IP Think Tank’s weekly
selection of top intellectual property news breaking in the blogosphere and

Highlights this week included: It’s getting hotter – Climate change and IP
Strategy; EPO Revokes Amazon’s
‘Electronic Ordering System’ patent (a Divisional of the ‘1 click’ patent); and
controversy over the soon to be Canadian DMCA.

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  • Accupril (Quinapril) –
    Judge finds against Teva and holds Warner-Lambert patent enabled: (IPLaw360),
  • Altace / Tritace / Ramace
    (Ramipril) – King Pharmaceuticals loses CAFC rehearing bid: (IPLaw360),
    Pharmaceuticals & IP
  • Altace / Tritace / Ramace
    (Ramipril) – King Pharmaceuticals sues Teva: (Generic
    Pharmaceuticals & IP
  • Arimidex (Anastrozole) –
    AstraZeneca receives 6 mth pediatric exclusivity: (Competitive
  • Cardizem (Diltiazem) – Biovail
    and Andrx Pharmaceuticals settle patent litigation: (IPLaw360),
    Pharmaceuticals & IP
    ), (BIO
    ), (Patent
  • Celebrex (Celecoxib) – Pfizer
    loses bid for attorney’s fees despite earlier win against Teva: (IPLaw360),
  • Exelon (Rivastigmine) – Sun
    Pharmaceutical Industries and Watson Pharmaceuticals settle with Novartis:
    Pharmaceuticals & IP
    ), (BIO
  • Levaquin (Levofloxacin) –
    Supreme Court of Canada
    refused to hear Novopharm (Teva)’s appeal of a ruling that upheld the
    validity of the patent to June 2009: (Generic
    Pharmaceuticals & IP
  • Seroquel (Quetiapine) – AstraZeneca scored
    a half-win in its bid to disqualify two experts proposed by Teva: (IPLaw360),
  • Vasotec (Enalapril) –
    Apotex loses on appeal at CAFC over process prior used by Merck as such
    use wasn’t concealed: (IPLaw360),


  • Australian patent documents come out of the dark: (Patentlens),




  • Nordic Patent Institute will be
    operative as an International Search Authority (ISA) and International
    Preliminary Examination Authority (IPEA) from 1 January 2008: (IPKat),
  • (Copyright moral rights) – Architect Santiago Calatrava’s Right of
    integrity over (Spanish Bilbao) bridge fails: (IPKat),
  • New anti-trust guidance from European Commission: (OUTLAW),
  • European Union has taken steps to ratify a 2005 decision by the WTO
    designed to ensure that intellectual property does not limit access to
    medicines in developing countries: (IPWatch), (Lenz Blog), (IPR-Helpdesk),
  • London agreement operation by mid 2008 – and
    EU patent talks could still fail: (IAM),

  • The end of the European Patent Litigation Agreement?: (IMPACT),
  • European ISPs under pressure to attack IP Piracy: (Against Monopoly),
  • Quality costs and applicants may have to pay more – EPO president: (IAM),
  • Amazon – EPO
    Revokes Amazon’s ‘Electronic Ordering System’ patent (a Divisional of the
    ‘1 click’ patent) after Opposition: (IPJUR)
  • Nokia makes
    little progress in its European Qualcomm patent fight: (IPEG),
  • Rambus – EU sets
    hearings in patent ambush case: (IPLaw360),


  • French Council of Sales is taking eBay to court, arguing failrure to
    comply with a 2000 Act on the regulation of auctions: (IPKat),


  • Who is benefiting from India’s patent explosion?: (IAM),
  • America, India, Agriculture and IPR: (SpicyIP),

  • Novartis patent challenged in US: more light… (SpicyIP),
  • Addressing IPR Dilemmas through Creative Capitalism: Advanced Market
    Commitment: (SpicyIP),
  • Moral Rights under Copyright Laws: A Peep into Policy – Part 1: (SpicyIP),



  • Harvard threatens Schools in Uganda with trade mark
    infringement: (IPFactor),

United Kingdom

  • Amendments to Registered Designs legislation on the way: (IPKat),
  • Extra-territorial jurisdiction by the back door?: (IPKat),

United States

  • Abbott – A
    federal judge has stopped Abbott’s attempt to add allegations to its
    claims against Johnson & Johnson subsidiary Cordis Corp in the ongoing
    drug eluting stent litigation: (IPLaw360),
  • Abbott – Troll Busters Files Reexamination of US5,582,989 (multiplex
    PCR method) Exclusively Licensed
    to Abbott: (BIO
  • Acacia reaches
    settlement with Sharper Image: (IPLaw360),
  • Amazon & Wal-Mart
    unwittingly team up against DRM: (ArsTechnica)
  • AUTM – The Association of University Technology Managers (AUTM)
    releases survey results as critics get louder: (IAM),
  • American Red Cross
    is seeking to exclude a Johnson & Johnson expert’s testimony in a
    trademark battle over its red cross symbol: (IPLaw360),
  • Apple and AT&T
    hit with another iPhone patent suit – this time Klausner Technologies sues
    over visual voicemail: (ArsTechnica),
    Troll Tracker
    ), (IPBiz),
  • Capital One Financial.
    and Netflix. settled patent infringement suit by Constellation
    covering a system used to display information on Web sites: (IPLaw360),
  • Dell has filed
    suit against a group of domain registrars, alleging that the companies
    colluded in infringing Dell’s trademarks and counterfeited the Dell brand:
  • Dell pulled into
    PC tablet patent fight: (IPLaw360),
  • DirectTv held to
    have willfully infringed FinStar’s patent, but obtains compulsory licence:
  • DuPont – Pureflex
    Inc. claims ‘Teflon’ mark now generic as defence to infringement claim by
    DuPont: (IPLaw360),
  • GE faces suit
    over satellite tracking technology: (IPLaw360),
  • Google – 2 months
    after dismissal of it’s first suit against Google in Florida, F&G
    Research Inc. has filed again in North
    Carolina over the same patent, alleging that
    Google Earth’s controls infringe its intellectual property:(IPLaw360),
  • Klausner
    Technologies Inc. filed an infringement suit against five new companies
    over its visual voice mail patents: (IPLaw360),
  • Micron Technology Inc.
    expanded counterclaims against Mosaid Technologies Inc. in a patent
    infringement suit over dynamic random access memory (DRAM): (IPLaw360),
  • Microsoft – Z4
    wages new attacj on MicroSoft: (IPLaw360),
    State Patent Law Blog
  • Microsoft – Anascape
    Ltd., Microsoft Corp. and Nintendo Inc – Markman claim construction handed
    down: (IPLaw360),
  • Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) – content filtering is in ISP’s
    best interests: (ArsTechnica)
  • Perfect10 – Supreme
    Court won’t hear Perfect Ten Credit Card Processors case: (ArsTechnica),
  • RIAA – Judge
    finds Judge finds copyright misuse defense unconvincing in RIAA lawsuit: (ArsTechnica)
  • Samsung and Matsushita
    settled two patent infringement suits filed in 2005 over plasma screen
    technology: (IPLaw360),
  • Samsung Electronics
    Co. Ltd. to pay InterDigital Communication Corp. $134m in royalties,
    confirming a 2006 arbitration award: (IPLaw360),
  • Samsung and Nokia
    sued over four cell phone patents: (IPLaw360),
  • Sandisk asks ITC
    to investigate flashdrives: (IPLaw360),
  • Sears – Jury
    awards $21m against Sears in trade secret suit: (IPLaw360),
  • Seoul Semiconductor Co.
    Ltd. Files US ITC suit alleging patent infringement by Nichia Corp over
    laser diode products: (IPLaw360),
  • Sony – MicroUnity,
    Sony Playstation patent case closed: (IPLaw360),
  • Tesco sued by
    Weatherford over oil drilling patents: (IPLaw360),
  • YouTube & Google – fight back at the Football Association Premier League Ltd’s
    copyright class action: (IPLaw360),
  • WebTech Wireless
    Inc announces USPTO Re-exam of patent asserted by LunarEye Inc against it:


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