IP Think Tank Global Week in Review – 30 November 2007

Here is IP Think Tank’s weekly selection of top
intellectual property news breaking in the blogosphere and internet.

this week included:copyright & trademark trolls, the constitutional challenge to Brazil’s IP law, Norway & Croatia join the EPC, the EPO’s financial crisis, France’s new rules on liability of ISPs, Amazon’s one click patent lives on (in amended form), and TiV’so patent claims survive re-exam intact.

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  • Medicine 2.0: Online peer review? Facebook for physicians?: (MaRS),

  • Copyright and trade mark trolls?: (IPThinkTank),

  • ISPs fear trend towards greater liability for content: (IPWatch),

  • Customers lose faith in phished brands: (ArsTechnica)
  • Settling IP Litigation, Indian patent transparency, national differences, Friction & Warfighting: (StrategicIP),

  • Creative Commons is turning 5: (CreativeCommons),
  • Champerty in patent troll shell company cases: (Patent Prospector),
  • IP portfolio analysis: (IPThinkTank),
  • WIPO hosts international round table on the economics of IP: (WIPO)
  • When Yes is not enough: (IPThinkTank),
  • Bringing liquidity to the IP Marketplace: It’s the information, stupid!: (Michael Pierantozzi),
  • ASEAN Regional patent office?: (IPThinkTank),
  • Convergence brings bad news for IP owners: (IAM),
  • DMCA-Style laws going to Canada, Switzerland and the world: (ArsTechnica),
  • Can typosquatting be counterfeiting?: (Trademark Blog),
  • Short paper on domain name monetization: (Trademark Blog),
  • Comcast puts non-lawyer in charge of IP Strategy: (IAM),
  • Are green technology IP rights owners about to become the new big pharma?: (IAM),
  • Latest WIPO SME newsletter: (WIPO),


  • Roche extends patent fight (to include Abbott) over diabetes test strips: (IPLaw360),
  • Drug innovation and marketing: (Tech Innovation and IP),
  • WHO funded study reveals 3.1% of drugs sold in India are counterfeit suspects: (SpicyIP),
  • Another piece on the impressive R&D programs of India’s (generic?) pharmaceutical companies: (SpicyIP),
  • Great discussion on pharmaceuticals, patents and incentives for innovation: (Generic Pharmaceuticals & IP), (DrugWonks),
  • Adenoscan (Adenosine) – Astellas Pharma, King Pharmaceuticals, and Teva Settle Adenoscan® Patent Suit: (PatentDocs),
  • Clarinex (Desloratadine) – Schering Corp. adds Anchen Pharmaceuticals Inc. to
    the long list of companies sued for patent infringement: (IPLaw360),
  • Cosopt (dorzolamide hydrochloride and timolol maleate) – Merck achieves dismissal of invalidity claims & thwarts Apotex’s chance at 180 d exlusivity: (OrangeBookBlog),
  • Depakote (Valproate semisodium) – Abbott sues proposed generic: (IPLaw360),
  • Iressa (Gefitinib) – rejected under India’s new patent laws: (SpicyIP),
  • Lovenox (Enoxaparin) – patent infringement litigation between Aventis and Teva/Amphastar is making its second trip to the Federal Circuit: (OrangeBookBlog),
  • Omacor (Omega-3 fatty acid) – German court invalidates Pronova BioPharma patent: (IPLaw360),


  • Summary Judgment in counterfeit dishwashing detergent case highlights need to know manufacture: (IPWars),

  • Radio program on creative commons: (CreativeCommons),


  • National Federation of Pharmacists (FENAFAR) argues unconstitutionality of Brazilian IP law: (e-drug),



  • Danone-Wahaha Dispute: No End in Sight: (China Business Law Blog), (China Law Blog),

  • Software Copy Protection: Not a Magic Bullet: (China Hearsay),

  • Luxury Goods Racket: (China Hearsay),
  • Link Between Counterfeiting and Organised Crime: (IPDragon),

  • Preferring Price Discrimination Over Sidestepping Patents?: (IPDragon),

  • China Bad News For Thailand’s Counterfeit Manufacturers: (IPDragon),

  • Software and IP again: (China Hearsay),
  • Consortium of 5 Hollywood studios is suing jetboo.com and Eastday Bar in China for copyright infringement in relation to movies in internet cafes: (IPKat),
  • Formation of the WTO panel requested by the US on China’s distribution of copyrighted material was
    delayed after a procedural move on an unrelated matter: (IPWatch),
  • One-third of European companies in China have no IP problems at all: (IAM),


  • Norway accedes to the European Patent Convention: (EPO), (BLOG@IP::JUR)
  • Croatia accedes to the European Patent Convention: (EPO), (BLOG@IP::JUR),
  • European Union governments on Thursday agreed the main components of a
    patent litigation system that will apply throughout the 27-country bloc: (IPWatch)
  • Legal Affairs Committee of the European Parliament backs Commission Proposal to end design protection for spare car parts: (IPRHelpdesk), (I/PUpdates),
  • EPO faces deficit crises: (IAM),
  • Gateway Inc. cannot stop Fujitsu-Siemens’ registration of the words ACTIVY Media Gateway: (IPKat), (OUTLAW), (Catch Us If You Can),
  • New anti-trust guidelines for mergers from European Commission: (OUTLAW),
  • EU Parliament urges change in IP rules for environmental technology: (IPWatch),
  • European Commission expected to publish communication on creative content online by year’s end: (IPWatch),
  • Criticism and discussion of the European Commission’s performance over the EPLA: (IPEG),
  • Nokia makes little progress in its European Qualcomm patent fight: (IPEG),




  • An improving scenario for trademark owners in India: (IAM),

  • Geographical Indication” (GI) Application for “Darjeeling” in Europe: (SpicyIP),
  • Government issues Circular on border enforcement of IPRs: (SpicyIP),
  • YouTube v T-Series – more on this dispute: (SpicyIP)
  • CIPLA Milking Indian Consumers? Charity Does Not Begin at Home!: (SpicyIP),
  • SpicyIP Petition: Indian Patent Database: (SpicyIP),
  • Natco (unsurprisingly) considering challenge to HC ruling on Glivec: (SpicyIP),
  • Music copyright infringement in India: (SpicyIP),
  • Indian centres drive US patent rush: (SpicyIP),
  • When faces are not billboards: (SpicyIP),
  • Educomp – an unusual approach to property development – supply IP Schools: (SpicyIP),
  • Copyright notices to ISPs on the rise: (SpicyIP),





  • One Laptop Per Child Association sued for patent infringement: (Philip Brooks),


  • Taiwan’s Exciting 2007: IP Case Proceeding, IP Court and Patent Attorney Acts: (IPDragon),


  • Thai and foreign public health campaigners urged governments
    to exercise their right over patent owners to provide access to cheaper
    essential medicines for the poor: (IPWatch),

United Kingdom

  • Triumph of style over substance? (UK Channel Management Ltd v E! Entertainment Television Inc and another): (IPKat),
  • New UK TM search tool: (Filemot), (IPKat),
  • New UK Patent rules are, according to the UK-IPO, due to come in on 17 December 2007: (IPKat),

United States

  • Amazon one click patent is back after some careful amendments: (IPKat), (OUTLAW), (IPBiz), (Against Monopoly)
  • SPAMARREST mark allowed by TTAB through despite objection based on earlier SPAM mark: (IPKat), (I/PUpdates),
  • Apple and Burst.com have agreed on a settlement in the Apple v. Burst.com case, which involves Apple paying a one-time, $10 million licensing fee: (ArsTechnica), (Copyfight), (Patent Prospector),
  • Committee report will give clearer picture of the state of play at the USPTO: (IAM),
  • Altitude Capital Partners sues Google, Yahoo, AOL and others: (Patent Prospector), (IPLaw360),
  • Supreme Court declined to hear an appeal brought by a California
    software company against Viacom Inc. involving alleged trademark
    infringement: (IPLaw360),
  • Injunction deals another blow to Stryker: (IPLaw360),
  • Cordance Faces Claim Over Amazon’s Software Patent: (IPLaw360),
  • Judge Vacates Willfulness Finding Against Qualcomm: (IPLaw360), (Patent Prospector),
  • just because a case involves patents doesn’t mean that you get federal jurisdiction [Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (WARF) v. Xenon Pharmaceuticals] : (Patent Baristas),
  • Gemini Moves From Madison, Wisconsin to Marshall, Texas, and then Sues 11more: (Patent Troll Tracker),
  • RIAA ordered to divulge its expenses it has incurred for each of the 38 songs cited in a copyright infringement lawsuit: (ArsTechnica),
  • United Health HSA cards accused of patent infringement: (IPLaw360),
  • Saint-Gobain has sued Dow and
    5other manufacturers in a suit for allegedly infringing its
    tubing and connector technology: (IPLaw360),
  • Car companies hit with patent suit by holding company for technology required to meet government regulations: (IPLaw360),
  • LCD has announced a settlement with its Taiwanese rival Chunghwa Picture Tubes over their protracted patent dispute: (IPLaw360),
  • Amazon, Borders settle patent suit over electronic message interpretation systems: (IPLaw360),
  • GraphOn Corp. and AutoTrader.com Inc. settled their 2 year patent litigation: (IPLaw360),
  • ITC to investigate in Acer v HP patent dispute: (IPLaw360),
  • TiVo patent claims survive re-exam intact; EchoStar doomed?: (IPBiz), (ArsTechnica),
  • CAFC – operability of 102(g) defence (first to conceive then reasonable diligence) – [z4 Technologies v. Microsoft Corp. (Fed. Cir. 2007)]: (Patently’O),
  • Andrew Beckerman-Rodau
    looked at 28 district court cases after Supreme Court’s eBay decision to determine how courts handled permanent
    injunctions: (Peter Zura), (Patent Prospector),
  • Microsoft loses appeal in product activation patent case: (ArsTechnica)
  • Can flowers be sculpture? [Kelley v. Chicago Park District]: (Chicago IP Litigation Blog),
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