IP Think Tank Global Week in Review – 30 May 2008

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Highlights this week included:

WHO members near accord on global strategy on IP and health: (Intellectual Property Watch), (GenericsWeb), (Gowlings), (IAM),

Copiepresse seeks up to €49 million from Google in lawsuit over right to feature links to publishers’ content on internet: (IPKat), (Ars Technica), (Techdirt), (Out-Law), (IP Law360)

Singapore ‘image linking’ patent causing waves in web community: (Peter Zura’s 271 Patent Blog), (Techdirt), (Ars Technica), (PLI), (Innovationpartners)

Cat Tech – CAFC says DJ plaintiff must take ‘significant, concrete steps to conduct infringing activity’ to satisfy MedImmune test: Cat Technologies v Tubemaster: (Peter Zura’s 271 Patent Blog), (IP Updates), (Hal Wegner), (ISinIP), (Patent Prospector), (PLI), (Patently-O), (IP Law Observer), (IP Law360),

Google – Google claims YouTube is exactly what DMCA is made for in copyright lawsuit brought by Viacom: (Out-Law), (Ars Technica), (Daily Dose of IP), (The Trademark Blog), (IP Law360), (IP Law360), (Techdirt),



Global – Trade Marks / Domain Names / Brands

Make barbeque not war – the IP story behind ‘Collaboration not litigation’ ale: (Securing Innovation)


Global – Patents

Mediawiki as patent law firm’s knowledge management system: (Invent Blog),

Next generation tech transfer metrics: (IP finance),

You can’t patent everything under the sun: (Securing Innovation),

Why don’t patent specifications state their expiry date?: (IP ThinkTank), (further discussion from IAM and e^(ip))

Illusory world of trade secret protection – Discussion of S Schreter’s article ‘Inside entrepreneurship: Patent protection isn’t only option’: (IPBiz)


Global – Copyright

Illegal art: (Patry Copyright Blog),




1-3 June: ACC Europe 2008 annual conference ‘Becoming a global legal manager: Developing the skills you will need to manage the legal department of tomorrow’ – Madrid: (www.tcp-events.co.uk),

2 June: UK: Annie Lachmansingh to speak on IP law at Commercial Lawyers Conference – London: (Rouse & Co International),

3 June: UCL Institute of Brand and Innovation Law launch seminar on latest developments in UK and European patent, trade mark, and copyright law – London: (IPKat),

3 June: IPRIA/AIPPI Australia free public seminar on the future of the international IP system – Melbourne: (IPRIA)

3-4 June: European Charter conference – facilitating SMEs life! – Brdo: (IPR-Helpdesk),

5-6 June: USFDA public meeting on evaluation of product trade names: (FDA Law Blog),

5-7 June: European research and innovation exhibition – Paris: (IPR-Helpdesk),

9-12 June: (US) Strategies for management of IP – Chicago: (IPR-Helpdesk),

11 June: US PLI ‘Advanced patent licensing 2008: What you need to know before licensing your patent’ – San Francisco: (Patent Docs),

11 June: MARQUES ‘First meeting with Spanish Judges of the Community Trade Mark Courts’ – Alicante: (Class 46),

16 June / 1 July: US PLI: ‘Prior art & obviousness 2008: The PTO and CAFC perspective on patent law sections 102 & 103’ – San Francisco / New York: (Patent Docs),

17-19 June: Australia: IPRIA & IPTA seminars ‘Privilege and the IP professional’ – Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane: (IP Down Under),

17-20 June: US BIO international convention – San Diego: (Patent Docs), (Patent Baristas),

18 June: CC technology summit – California: (creativecommons.org),

18-20 June: IIR generic drugs summit – Washington: (Orange Book Blog),

18-20 June / 9-11 July: US PLI: ‘Fundamentals of patent prosecution 2008: A boot camp for claim drafting & amendment writing’ – New York / San Francisco: (Patent Docs),

23 June: US LSI: ‘Multilateral patents’ – San Francisco: (Patent Docs),

23 June: STEP / Committee on National Statistics conference on ‘Intangible assets: measuring and enhancing their contribution to corporate value and economic growth’ – Washington:  (IP finance),

25-26 June: IP Business Congress – Amsterdam: (IP Business Congress 2008),

26-27 June: C5 conference on pharma patent lifecycles – London: (Orange Book Blog),

30 June – 1 July: International conference on public domain in the digital age – Louvain-la-Neuve: (IPR-Helpdesk), (creativecommons.org),

30 June – 4 July: EU: Seminar on IP and entrepreneurship competitiveness – Santander: (IPR-Helpdesk),

1-2 July – C5 conference on intellectual asset management for high-tech industries – Paris: (c5-online.com),

3 July – C5 master class on maximising efficiency of your patent mining operations – Paris: (c5-online.com),

16 July: US LSI: Patent claim construction workshop – Seattle: (Patent Docs),

21-23 July: EU ATRIP meeting on future of European patent system – Munich: (IPR-Helpdesk),

24-25 July / 11-12 August: US PLI: ‘Advanced patent prosecution workshop 2008: Claim drafting & amendment writing’: New York / San Francisco: (Patent Docs),

30-31 July: IACCM ‘ask the expert’ call; Duncan Bucknell leading discussion on IP strategy: (IP ThinkTank),

10-12 August: PRG advanced course ‘Art and science of patent searching – patentability, validity & infringement and patent searching workshop’ – Washington: (Patent Docs),

10-12 August: PRG advanced course ‘Chemical patent practice’ – Washington: (Patent Docs),

10-12 August: PRG advanced course ‘Comprehensive PCT practice: How to master its challenges’  – Washington: (Patent Docs),

10-12 August: PRG advanced course ‘Crafting & drafting winning patents’ – Washington: (Patent Docs),

10-12 August: PRG advanced course ‘Patent strategy’ – Washington: (Patent Docs),

12 August: PRG advanced course ‘Inequitable conduct under current Federal Circuit law’ – Washington: (Patent Docs),

13 August: PRG advanced course ‘FDA Orange Book and listable small molecule patent practice’ – Washington: (Patent Docs),

13-15 August: PRG advanced course ‘"Designing around" valid US patents’ – Washington: (Patent Docs),

13-15 August: PRG advanced course ‘Drafting patent license agreements’ – Washington: (Patent Docs),

13-15 August: PRG advanced course ‘Due diligence investigations’ – Washington: (Patent Docs),

13-15 August: PRG advanced course ‘Federal Circuit law (2006 – 2008)’ – Washington: (Patent Docs),

11-12 September: US LSI: 4th annual conference on ‘Current issues in complex IP licensing’ – Philadelphia: (Patent Docs),

11 September/15 October: PLI seminar on developments in pharmaceutical and biotech patent law – New York/San Francisco: (Patent Docs),

15-16 September: US ACI 10th advanced forum on biotech patents – Boston: (Generic Pharmaceuticals & IP), (Patent Docs),

22-23 September: US: ACI FDA boot camp conference – Boston: (Patent Docs),

22-23 September: ACI USPTO boot camp: patent edition conference – Alexandria: (Patent Docs)


Pharma & Biotech

Pharma & Biotech – General

In getting drugs to third world, patents not the problem: (GenericsWeb),

WHO adopts ‘most important document since Doha’ on IP and public health: (Intellectual Property Watch),

Debate surrounds final WHO global strategy, action plan on IP and health: (Intellectual Property Watch),

WHO members near accord on global strategy on IP and health: (Intellectual Property Watch), (GenericsWeb), (Gowlings), (IAM),

Friday text of WHO draft global strategy on IP and health now available: (Intellectual Property Watch),

Balancing importance of IP and health: (Afro-IP),

Canada: MPs support orphan drug proposal: (Gowlings),

Canada: Some Canadian biotech companies unhappy with length of FDA approval process: (Gowlings),

Europe: EU expands antitrust inquiry of drug companies: (Gowlings),

Europe: Booming trade in fake Viagra, and other counterfeit goods: (The Trademark Blog),

India fears generic drugs may be hit by fake medicine definition: (GenericsWeb),

India: Roche v Cipla: Was Roche’s legal strategy flawed?: (Spicy IP),

India: DCGI preparing document to implement patent-registration linkage: (Spicy IP),

New Zealand: Generic pharmaceutical companies taking advantage of NZ IP laws and medicines regulations: (International Law Office),

Uganda: Cipla licenses ARV technology into Uganda: (Afro-IP),

US: Money saved through generic prescriptions: (GenericsWeb),

US: Government plans to keep close tab on drug patent settlements: (GenericsWeb),

US: FTC reports 14 deals to delay generics in 2007: (GenericsWeb),

US: Monsanto, Syngenta settle patent and antitrust disputes over herbicide resistance and genetically modified soybean technology: (IP Law360),

US: Outlook for biotech industry mixed in 2008: (California Biotech Law Blog)


Pharma & Biotech – Products

Altace (Ramipril) – US: King Pharmaceuticals files citizen petition relating to new patent on Altace, following Lupin’s successful challenge against other Altace patent: (Orange Book Blog), (GenericsWeb),

Altace (Ramipril) – Canadian Court of Appeal upholds order striking portions of counterclaim relating to improper conduct in patent infringement case Apotex v Sanofi-Aventis: (Gowlings),

Entocort (Budesonide) – US: AstraZeneca sues Barr Pharmaceuticals to halt generic Entocort; Barr challenges Entocort patents: (GenericsWeb), (IP Law360),

Lipitor (Atorvastatin) – Australia: Full Federal Court upholds basic Lipitor patent, preventing launch of generic Ranbaxy product; and affirms enatiomer patent invalid on false suggestion grounds: Ranbaxy Australia Pty Ltd v Warner-Lambert Company LLC: (GenericsWeb), (IPRoo), (IP Law360),

Lipitor (Atorvastatin) – Canada: Court of Appeal upholds previous decision that it is inappropriate to rely on NOC proceedings as setting binding precedent in uncertain questions of patent law: Ranbaxy Laboratories Ltd v Pfizer Canada: (Gowlings),

Livial (Tibolone) – Scotland: Court revokes Tibolone patent: Arrow Generics v Akzo: (IPKat),

Lovenox (Enoxaparin) – US: Lovenox patents unenforceable due to inequitable conduct: Aventis Pharma SA v Amphastar Pharmaceuticals: (Patent Docs), (IPBiz),

Pantoloc (Pantoprazole) – Canada: Court dismisses motion to dismiss patent infringement proceeding on basis of abuse of process: Nycomed v Sandoz: (Gowlings),

Prevacid (Lansoprazole) – Canadian Court of Appeal upholds refusal to grant order prohibiting Minister from issuing NOC to generic company without requiring them to address two patents on the Register: Abbott Lab’s v Canada (Minister of Health): (Gowlings),

Propecia (Finasteride) – UK: Court of Appeal upholds Merck’s patent ruling Swiss-type claims allowed where novelty conferred by new dosing regime: Actavis UK v Merck & Co: (IMPACT), (Rouse & Co International),

Synagis (Palivizumab) – US: MedImmune, Genentech strike deal in Synagis patent case: (IP Law360), (Patent Baristas),

Valtrex (Valacyclovir) – Canada: Federal Court refuses NOC prohibition application finding GSK’s patent not a valid selection in terms of utility: GlaxoSmithKline v Pharmascience: (Gowlings),

Xyzal (Levocetrizine) – US: UCB SA and Sepracor file lawsuit against Sun Pharmaceuticals to stave off launch of generic Xyzal: (IP Law360)

Zyprexa (Olanzapine) – German Appeals Court in Dusseldorf overrules Federal Patent Court ruling of patent invalidity and grants Eli Lilly preliminary injunction against generic companies: (IPEG),




Inventions gathering dust in Africa: (Innovationpartners),

Ghana, Iran to cooperate in R&D, tech transfer: (Afro-IP),

Ghana: Ghana signs pact with WIPO to establish IP framework: (Afro-IP),

Kenya to brand its coffee: (Afro-IP),

Kenya: Puzzling ruling in 2001 in Sanitam saga: Sanitam v ANIPEST Kenya: (IP Kenya),

Kenya: Sanitam at it again on patent infringement: Sanitam v Hygiene Bins: (IP Kenya),

Kenya: South Africa’s Tiger Brands buys into Kenya’s Haco: (Afro-IP),

South Africa: Trial or motion proceedings?: (Afro-IP),

South Africa: IP tax/exchange control issues: (IP finance),

South Africa: Procedural and substantive correctness of detention of alleged counterfeit sandals: Pick’n Pay Retailers (Pty) Ltd v Commissioner of SA Revenue Services & Ors: (Afro-IP),

South Africa’s Citrogold praised for new fruit initiatives: (Afro-IP),

South Africa: Penal costs threat for unmerited competition claims: (Afro-IP)



Proposed reforms for personal property securities (including IP): (IP finance),

Hindsight and commercial success: ITW AFC Pty Ltd v Loi and Tran Pty Ltd: (IPRoo)

Do we need a bill of rights? – Van Thanh Rudd’s painting removed from exhibition because may infringe trade mark and copyright: (IPwar’s)



Copiepresse seeks up to €49 million from Google in lawsuit over right to feature links to publishers’ content on internet: (IPKat), (Ars Technica), (Techdirt), (Out-Law), (IP Law360)



Trade mark expungement despite plans for future use: Scott Paper Ltd v Smart & Biggar: (Canadian Trademark Blog),

Canadians stuck with analog rights in a digital world – consumer rights to ‘time shift’ television programs: (Michael Geist),

Jim Flaherty’s DMCA?: (Michael Geist),

US report says ACT deal gaining steam: (Michael Geist),

Canadian Press coverage of leaked ACTA document: (IP Justice), (IP Justice), (Michael Geist), (Michael Geist), (Michael Geist), (Michael Geist), (Michael Geist),

Canadian Press on MPAA’s suit against IsoHunt: (Michael Geist),

Ten more questions for Industry Minister Prentice: (Michael Geist),

Copyright deal would toughen laptop, iPod laws: (IP Justice),

Chamber of Commerce to launch IP Coalition on Monday: (Michael Geist),

Canadian Press on CIRA Whois change: (Michael Geist),

Canadian Coalition for Electronic Rights issues position in copyright reform: (Michael Geist),

Motion for particulars: part of a larger trade mark battle: Mövenpick-Holding v. Inter Management Services Limited et al: (Canadian Trademark Blog)



EPO announces new China IP protection initiative: (Daily Dose of IP),

Customs on intellectual property violation: (Lehman, Lee & Xu),

Hidden dangers of litigating patents in China: (IAM)



T-Mobile loses magenta suit against Telia: (engadget),

Maritime and Commercial Court hands down ruling in trade mark case H-D Michigan Inc v MC Parts: (International Law Office), (Class 46)



Is Microsoft’s open systems promise reliable?: (John Carroll),

Portugese Secretary of State for Justice, João Tiago Silveira, to call for reduction in CTM fees: (IPKat),

European Commission proposes forum on future of copying: (Intellectual Property Watch),

Paid keywords / sponsored links goes to ECJ: (IP ThinkTank),

EP divisional – a reminder: (IPKat),

A marriage for 20 years – EU position on business method patents and software patents: (IPEG),

EC considering whether Microsoft concession on interoperability will affect competition investigation: (Out-Law),

Operation scuttle! – A ‘cold’ revision of the Community Trade Mark Regulation: (IPKat),

Draft agreement on EU patent judiciary, not many stakeholders stifled: (IPKat),

OHIM Boards of Appeal2007 case law overview: (IPKat),

Microsoft and refusal to license – Report on ‘The Microsoft case: the IT industry and the future of EC competition law’ conference: (IPKat)

ECJ: works covered by US copyright granted protection in UK not covered by Directive 2006/116 on term of copyright protection: Sony Music Entertainment (Germany) GmbH v Falcon Neue Medien Vertrieb GmbH: (IPKat)



Commission names HARVERI in health and safety opinion: (Class 46),

Finnish Appeals Court overturns decision that said it was okay to circumvent ineffective DRM: (Techdirt)



DPMA annual report 2007 now available: (Class 46),

Mixed view of German patent investment funds: (IAM)



Indian Supreme Court on ‘IP’ roll: ‘Scotch’ whisky denied protection while music ‘compulsory licensing’ scope expanded: Khoday Khoday India v Scotch Whiskey Assoc & Ors; M/s Entertainment Network (India) v M/s Super Cassette Industries: (Spicy IP),

Cannes controversy – Reliance Big Entertainment copyright tussle with Avinaash Jumani: (Spicy IP),

Is there a need for a middle way in patent disputes?: Bajaj Auto v TVS Motors: (International Law Office),

Orissa follows GI trend: (Spicy IP),

Investing in India’s energy sector and protecting IP: (IP Law360),

Pantaloon Retail and Reliance ADAG battle over ‘Big Bazar’ trade mark: (Spicy IP)



Legalising Google – Plans to change copyright law and legalise wholesale copying of web by search engines: (Lenz Blog)



Jersey now safe for EU data: (IPKat)



E-filing for trade marks applications: (Class 46),

Polish Patent Office finds NZS registered ‘primus inter pares’ in bad faith: (Class 46)



RIAA drops Allofmp3 lawsuit; pretends Mp3Sparks doesn’t exist: (Techdirt), (Ars Technica)



Singapore ‘image linking’ patent causing waves in web community: (Peter Zura’s 271 Patent Blog), (Techdirt), (Ars Technica), (PLI), (Innovationpartners)



Court confirms strict requirements for finding unfair imitation: (International Law Office),

Alberto Casado named Director of OEPM (Spanish PTO): (Class 46)



Swiss consumers can’t be expected to know much about mallows – registration of PEACH MALLOW for peach-flavoured sweets: (Class 46),

Overview of IP protection: (International Law Office)


United Arab Emirates

Protecting brands in the Gulf region: (IP Law360),

A step forward for three-dimensional trade marks: (International Law Office)


United Kingdom

Does the UK IPO hold the key? Hearing Officer refuses figurative mark for keys and locks finding it will be perceived as outline of key: (IPKat),

Google trade mark triggered advert policy and Scottish Water: (IPKat),

Report on AIPPI UK conference on ‘Strategies to improve patenting and enforcement’: (IPKat),

Court revokes Aerotel’s landmark patent for telephone systems in case against WaveCrest: (Out-Law), (IP Law360),

Jimmy Choo Case shows value of Community registered designs: (International Law Office),

Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008 now in force: (Class 46)


United States

US General

PTO Public Advisory Committee nominations: (PLI),

Litigators urge clarity over punitive damage rules: (IP Law360),

Leaked memo regarding ACTA: (IPKat), (Patry Copyright Blog), [further posts on the issue under Canada section]


US Patent Reform

Maybe it’s finally time they went home: (Patent Docs),

More cooks for the patent office broth – USPTO review suggestions by George Washington University School of Business student’s suggestions for dealing with patent backlog: (Spicy IP)


US Patents

PatentCafe adds new patent quality reports to its free CAFC library: (Philip Brooks),

Rocket docket of East Texas not fast enough for lawsuit against the Troll Tracker?: (Techdirt)

McKesson ruling still poses challenges for IP lawyers: (IP Law360),

Cases on ‘failure to disclose’ by patent applicants: (IPBiz),

Not all patents created equal, technology policy experts say: (Intellectual Property Watch),

Evolution of inequitable conduct: (Patent Docs),

How to respond to § 103 obviousness rejections using the ‘all elements test’ in view of recent revisions to s 2143.03 of the MPEP – Part II: (Patentably Defined),

Is there a method (claim) to your madness? – end-user process patents: (Intellectual Property Directions),

General Patent Corporation International’s war on infringement: (Securing Innovation),

Should you prepare your own patent application?: (Patent Baristas),

Civil to the crime bar, but less so to the civil bar – Judges’ civility in patent cases: (ISinIP),

Inter partes re-exam: merely an adjunct to litigation?: (IPBiz),

PTO response to Institute for Progress report ‘Reexamining inter partes reexam’: (Hal Wegner),

Authors of ‘Re-examining inter partes re-exam’ report come out of shadows to provide more information: (IAM)

Patent holders prevail more often before jury according to PWC study: (IP Law360),

Will Volkswagon shut down the patent biz of ED Texas?: (IPBiz),

Examiners.com – anonymous attacks on individual examiners: (Hal Wegner), (response from Patent Prospector),

Enablers – Examiners enable poor drafting: (Patent Prospector),

How software patents’ fuzzy boundaries create unnecessary litigation – Discussion of Bess and Meurer post: (Techdirt),

Allstate Chief contemplates value of patents relating to financial services: (Philip Brooks),

IPO releases list of top 300 patent holders: (Patent Docs),

IPO top 300 list says little beyond some companies wants lots of patents: (IAM),

Patent hypocrisy – Coalition for Patent Fairness members among top patent holders: (Patent Docs), (Patent Prospector), (IPBiz)


US Copyright

The Blues and copyright – Discussion of Prof O Arewa’s article ‘Borrowing the Blues: copyright and the contexts of Robert Johnson’: (Patry Copyright Blog),

Is reselling a shampoo bottle copyright infringement?: (Techdirt),

International ‘making available’ right becoming less available in US law: (IP Watch),

YouTomb – Tracking YouTube takedowns: (Michael Geist)

Photographs of useful articles and the forgotten section 113(c): Designer Skin v S&L Vitamins: (Patry Copyright Blog), (43(B)log),

Debunking the faulty premises of The Pirate Bay – Criminalisation Treaty: (Techdirt)


US Trademarks

Five years on, trade mark fraud ruling still resonates: Medinol v Neuro Vasx: (IP Law360)


US – Companies / Entities

Abbott – Abbott, Roche settle glucose test patent dispute: (IP Law360),

Autodesk – Courts affirms right to sell used software in Autodesk’s copyright infringement lawsuit against eBay merchant Timothy Verner: (Ars Technica), (IP Law360), (Patently-O), (Out-Law),

Baker Hughes – Baker Hughes, ReedHycalog reach $100M settlement in patent infringement lawsuit over drilling equipment: (IP Law360),

Boston Scientific – Medtronic wins $250M from Boston Scientific over infringement of catheter and balloon patents; Boston Scientific challenging verdict: (IP Law360), (EDTexweblog.com), (American Lawyer), (IPBiz),

Cat Tech – CAFC says DJ plaintiff must take ‘significant, concrete steps to conduct infringing activity’ to satisfy MedImmune test: Cat Technologies v Tubemaster: (Peter Zura’s 271 Patent Blog), (IP Updates), (Hal Wegner), (ISinIP), (Patent Prospector), (PLI), (Patently-O), (IP Law Observer), (IP Law360),

Clear Channel Communication – Clear Channel sues former executive Andrew Friedman for misappropriating trade secret when he left to join the Tribune Co: (IP Law360),

Cognex – Cognex launches patent suit against MvTec Software GmbH and Fuji America Corp over machine vision: (IP Law360),

Cooper – Is the patent re-examination statute retroactive for patents based upon parent filed before 1999 effective date?: First inter partes re-examination appeal: Cooper v Dudas: (Hal Wegner),

Crossroads – Crossroads sues Accusys, Compellent Technologies, Baydel North America and others alleging infringement of patents relating to virtual local storage on remote storage devices: (IP Law360),

Dow Chemical Corp – Jury finds Dow liable for malicious patent lawsuit and orders it to pay Mee Industries $2.85M: (IP Law360)

Energy Brands – National Beverage Corp seeks declaratory judgment that its Asante product does not infringe trade dress of Energy Brands’ Glaceau vitaminwater: (IP Law360),

eSpeed – Permanent injunction against eSpeed after jury finds wilful infringement of Trading Technologies futures trading software patents: (Chicago IP Litigation Blog),

General Electric – GE sues to invalidate SonoSite ultrasound patent: (IP Law360),

Google – Google claims YouTube is exactly what DMCA is made for in copyright lawsuit brought by Viacom: (Out-Law), (Ars Technica), (Daily Dose of IP), (The Trademark Blog), (IP Law360), (IP Law360), (Techdirt),

Hewlett-Packard – Cornell University sues HP for infringing enhanced CPU execution patent: (Patent Prospector), (PLI),

HyperQuest – Court adopts defendant’s reply and denies jurisdiction in copyright case: HyperQuest v N’Site Solutions: (Chicago IP Litigation Blog),

Lawler – CAFC remands Lawler Mfg v Bradley finding the lower court misconstrued phrase ‘such as’ in patent license agreement: (IP Law360), (Patently-O), (Patent Prospector),

Master Lock – One patent tossed from infringement suit against Master Lock, three patents remain: (IP Law360),

Mattel – Mattel claims it owns right to Bratz dolls because their designer came up with the concept for the dolls before leaving Mattel to work for MGA: (IPKat),

Montana Camo – Camouflage gear company Montana Camo sues Cabela for design theft: (IP Law360),

Morgan Lewis – Landmark Screens accuses Pennie & Edmonds LLP now absorbed by Morgan Lewis & Bockius LLP of botching patent filing: (IP Law360),

MPAA – $4M in damages awarded against ShowStash.net and Cinematube.net for linking to copyright infringing movies and television shows: (Ars Technica),

Nice Systems – Nice Systems loses patent infringement suit against Verint Americas over VoIP technology a week after it was hit with $3.3M jury verdict for violating Verint’s speech analytics patent in a separate case: (IP Law360),

Power Integrations – PI agrees to drop infringement suit against Fairchild Semiconductor subsidiary after USPTO tentatively reject asserted claims: (IP Law360),

Presstek – Presstek settles patent infringement lawsuits against Fuji Film Co and unit of Eastman Kodak Co, and settles part of infringement dispute before ITC: (IP Law360),

Rambus – DC Circuit gives Rambus big victory in patent/antitrust case: (PLI),

Rattler Tools – Right to appeal all issues (versus the wisdom to do so): ‘accused products and methods did not meet any of the thirteen limitations of the ten asserted claims’: Rattler Tools v Bilco Tools: (Hal Wegner), (Patent Prospector), (Patently-O),

Rothschild – Sony , Sanyo, Exceed Perseverance Electronic, and Lucky Light Electronics agree to license LED patents from Prof G N Rothschild: (IP Law360),

Sears, Roebuck & Co – Sears ordered to pay more than $25M in trade secrets suit: (IP Law360)

Seoul Semiconductor – Seoul Semiconductor adds five names to ITC complaint regarding alleged semiconductor laser patent infringement: (IP Law360),

Southwestern Bell – CAFC rules notice must be provided for JMOL when factual dispute exists: Southwestern Bell v Arthur A Collins: (Peter Zura’s 271 Patent Blog), (Patent Prospector), (IP Law360), (ISinIP),

Sun Microsystems – Sun wins partial stay for reexam of Network Appliances patent: (IP Law360),

TALtech – CAFC vacates inequitable conduct decision; prior art that inspired invention need not be disclosed if cumulative: TALtech v Esquel Apparel: (Patent Prospector), (Patently-O),

Tessera – Micro agrees to pay royalties on past and future sale of products using Tessera patented technology: (Philip Brooks),

Tomar Electrics – Tomar sues TorQuest over traffic control patent: (IP Law360),

Victoria’s Secret – Sexy Hair Products and Victoria’s Secret trade  mark battle over ‘So Sexy’ trade mark for hair products : (The Trademark Blog),

WSN Holdings – Northwest Airlines becomes latest target for M E Eberwine and WNS Holdings claiming aircraft technology communicating position and status to air traffic controllers infringes their patents : (IP Law360)

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